Accepted to the LPN program in FL - page 3

I have just been accepted into the LPN program at Lake Tech, in Eustis FL. I have my associates degree, and have taken all prerequisites to the RN program except Microbiology and A&P 2, when I finish... Read More

  1. by   rachel8908
    are you talking about the TEAS test it is either 35 or 40 dollars
  2. by   Ishagirl
    Hi, I've been accepted into the day program in July! Is anyone selling any of their books yet?
  3. by   rachel8908
    Great Congrats! Our class is graduating in February, so we still need our books, but I know there is a class graduating in June and some of them may be interesting in selling them, you just have to contact the school...
  4. by   Tinker1969
    Hi everyone. All the information given has help me make my decision for a career change.. I would like t know what do I have to do or get or have before I make the call? Can anybody help me thanks.
  5. by   karleeek1992
    Making the call of a career change is totally up to you, call the schools and ask to speak with someone from the program to find out more information. Nursing school is not for everyone, and not easy (I thought it would be) but very rewarding. You will have to take an entrance exam (TEAS and probably the TABE), and the admissions process is very stressful.