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I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I am in my last year in nursing school. Graduation date July 06 :hatparty: I will stay here to finish my schooling. My husband has been working in West Palm Beach for... Read More

  1. by   KristinWW
    Pinky, St. Mary's in West Palm is awesome! Wonderful people in every department, and you will get lots of experience. FL weather is shorts weather year 'round, but summers are hot and muggy - imagine walking out of a shower.....

    Pay is $20/hr and certain hospitals will give you a sign-on for an 18 to 24-month committment.

    Now here's the bad news - housing is $$$ and you will not get much. Homeowners' insurance is either high or unobtainable. School system is terrible, both public and private. You also have to be VERY careful about the areas in which you move. The areas change quicker than you can blink an eye.

    I am a transplant to FL myself. Feel free to PM me, and I'll be happy to provide a good realtor (we had to go through 3 before we found someone HONEST. He was recommended to us by another nurse.) Good luck to you!!