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Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences?

danmcbabe danmcbabe (Member)

Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.

I am looking to attend this school. Has anybody heard anything good or bad about it?

Link: http://www.fhchs.edu/

more $$$ then community college, more prereqs. also (religion classes,its a seven day adventist school) knew someone who went there and had to transfer to community cause they shut down at certain times due to their religious practices and it was driving them nuts(so i was told). that's about all that i know or heard of. you have a better chance of getting a job at florida though.;)

Well this school is only 6k a semester as opposed to 4.5k at a community college. I just want to make sure this school is legit. They have nclex pass rate of 80 percent based on 260 people last year.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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They are definitely a legit school with their NLN accreditation.

They are indeed a Christian school, and Florida Hospital is a Christian hospital. So if that doesn't bother you, I think it's a good experience.

For private schools, it's a good price compared to other private schools.

You might make a post in the Florida Forum as well asking about it, so you can hone in on some locals.

I did the RN to BSN program on line and found it an awesome experience.

Did you attend the school physically? What breaks are you talking about? Do they have semesters like regular schools (spring, fall)? I am worried because they have a department of marketing and i can never get in touch with a real person on the phone.

Tweety, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac. Has 28 years experience.

I did their online program. They had regular semesters but we took one class at a time breaking the semester up in 8 weeks per class, so that the end of the semester two classes were done.

I'm sure this is totally different than their physical ADN program. Good luck.

Are you now an rn? Did you land a job?

Definitely legit, just incorporates the practices of seven day adventists, they do not push their religion same as they do not at florida hospital which is an adventist run hospital. I know this because I live around a good majority of their hospitals and I have done clinical there also. I heard from students there that the campus closes at certain times of the day for prayer/church/mass what ever it is considered.

Can i get in with a 2.9 gpa? Did you get job placement through them and are you currently working as a rn?

Tweety, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac. Has 28 years experience.

Are you now an rn? Did you land a job?

I only did their RN to BSN program, so I already was a working RN. Sorry I really can't offer much more help. I just wanted to address the fact that they are a legit school with good accreditation.

Do you gey paid more now that you have a bsn?

Florida Hospital College is definitely a "legit" institution. lol. I don't know why you would question there legitimacy as they are accredited, have a high NCLEX pass rate, are a feeder to the huge Adventest Health System Hospital system, and have been around for ages. That said the last I heard starting October 2010 they are no longer offering an associate of science degree, just BSN. I guess they figure since there is no longer a nursing shortage they want everyone to have the 4 year degree. Bad news for people who need to work ASAP.

In my 2nd to last semester. The online Help Desk is a nightmare. They can't "HELP" with Turn It In, a submission that the school requires you to use. Issues with resubmissions take 24 hours so you'd better be on the ball and turn in your work early, which negates the due date. Quality of education is fair. In RN-BSN completion. Overall instructors have been good, just a few issues here and there. If you don't have computer "issues" it is easier. If you do have issues, God help you.

hey there everyone,

i am currently looking at fhchs (florida hospital college) to do my bsn. i researched literally the whole website and did research and google searches and reviews and as much homework i could think of, and in short i think it looks good.

i wanted to ask, could you double up on classes to finish faster? like taking 2 nursing courses a trimester instead of one and in addition a general ed. course?

i will also try to call an advisor for more info. i would appreciate anything i could find out further about the program thanks.

I don't have any personal experience with FHCHS, but I did work several years ago for another Adventist medical center that had an attached health occupations college (including a nursing program) in a different state, and both the medical center and the college were v. highly regarded in the area. Healthcare is a big focus of the Adventist denomination ministry, all over the world, and they are v. serious about having good organizations and high standards. Based on my previous experience, I wouldn't hesitate to attend an Adventist nursing program (or work in one of their hospitals again).

thanks elkpark...

i am going to try to call them now. any other info is greatly appreciated.



Did you find out if you can double up on the classes? I am interested in this school as well, but like you I would like to do it as quickly and efficiently as I could. Just curious what you found out!

Just to update the forum..yes you can double up classes =) It has been a great program!