1. At your facility, so per diems ALWAYS float before 32 hr staff? Or do you take turns?

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      Take turns
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      Per diems always float first

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Do per diem CNAs always float before 32 hour CNAs? Or do you take turns?


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If unit-based per diem (those hired by and associated with a specific unit/department) then take turns.

But if it's a house float per diem pool administered by central staffing then they go first and it isn't really getting pulled it's just going somewhere different than they were originally told.

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In our ER, yes, float pool staff (whether float pool PRN nurses or techs) do get sent to other units before the ER staff. I think the reason for that is that a lot of our staff has ER only experience and competencies. Float pool staff generally have competencies with other floors so are somewhat more versatile. It might be different in other units....Not sure.


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It depends on how your facilities p/p and hiring are set up.

To add to JLK33...

I worked per diem for awhile and it was set up 2 different ways. 1) more money in lieu of benefits but everything else the same, full time guaranteed hours, taking turns floating etc 2) even more money but no guaranteed hours, vacation etc and always the first to get called off and/or float.

Both of these were unit (not staffing/admin) based.