so Im fat, i cant be a flight nurse? - page 2

Im 6 foot 290 lbs. i have almost 4 years er experience. i am interested in treating prehospital patients in a helicopter. it has always been a dream of mine. i guess i better start eating less... Read More

  1. by   EarthChild1130
    My husband flies in helos as a flight mechanic with the Coast Guard, doing Search/Rescue...if he's even 10 pounds over they start trying to put him on their "Fat Boy" program...they're very particular about their weights because of the weight limits on the helicopter, especially when you start piling lots of folks and gear in there...They also do weight checks and physical fitness tests every few months.

    That's great about your weight loss...I do Shotokan Karate and I love it...before I started school I earned my green belt and started training for purple, but as you know nursing school is all-consuming so I've had to put all my hobbies on hold LOL...and I lost 45 pounds so far on Weight Watchers...I should be getting paid to advertise them, I talk them up so much! LOL

    Good luck in your quest for flight nursing!! :hatparty:
  2. by   my2sons
    Keep it up! I wish I had some more meat on me! Then I could stand a chance with all those combative drunks we seem to pick up. Then again, there are drugs for that...