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  1. I am interested in pursuing a flight nurse career job. I have 3 years CTICU experience with PALS, ACLS, BLS. How do I get started and/or look for a company? What kind of training do I need? I live in Southern California, so I would want to stay in the area. I cannot find any helpful websites, so if anyone could give me a connection (website, phone number), that would be excellent. And finally, and possibly to my detriment in this desired career, I frequently get motion sickness.
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    Well, I have been a critical care flight nurse for quite some time now. Most positions require AT LEAST 5 yrs critical care experience in a trauma 1 environment. Most of the applicants for the positions here usually have 15+ yrs experience. Most services also require that you receive your EMT-B or EMT-P within 1 yr of being employed. Once again, most applicants are both Paramedic & RN.

    Here at Vanderbilt Life Flight(Where I am employed); you will do good to get on without an M.S.N. & Paramedic license. I had to get 6 yrs RN experience in a trauma ICU as well as finish out my: F.N.P./A.C.N.P. before getting my wings. Requirements vary from service to service--check the official service websites to be sure.
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    openings in cali:
    Flight Nurse El Cajon CA
    Flight Nurse Carlsbad/El Cajon CA
    Flight Nurse Gillespie CA
    Flight Nurse Merced, CA
    check out
    find a local program, inquire if they have a "ride-a-long" program, and if they do participate. ask lots of questions and search further down this forum for a lengthy explanation I posted as to what some programs require.
    good luck.
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    You have already been given some great info - check out the flight services listed in your area and go on a fact finding mission.

    Most will be able to share details of their program with you. And, with a bit of luck, I'm sure that you will be able to find out where your qualifications place you in the hiring mix.

    This will be time well spent.

    Now, as to the MOTION SICKNESS. I think that there are just certain folks that are prone to this - I think it can be impossible for some to ever get over. This is a tough job --- add unrelenting nausea and, in my opinion, it would be impossible. Sure, I think everyone has it on an occasion - but, if you have a near disabling problem with this --- you may be best equipped to excel in another area of nursing. Let me try and be direct (and kind!) IF you are my partner and you are "green" to the point of NOT being any assistance to me or the 1 (or 2) patients we have --- well, not to be offensive, but I NEED a partner that will be a participant.

    So, no matter how much you may WANT this. Or, HOW much it may PLEASE you to do this job - the REALITY is this...IF you are making yourself SICK every time - IT may not be a good fit.

    Good Luck
    Practice SAFE!