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Between Airmethods and AirEvac there are close to fifty open jobs across the U.S. Does anyone else find that interesting ? Also there are about a dozen on Flight Web..... Read More

  1. by   Rio
    Quote from bat3fingers
    Please, Please, Please help!

    I am an ER nurse. I have been for 10 years. I am now also a Paramedic. I have been for over a year. I really, really want to fly! How do I break into this area?

    I have worked abroad/overseas I am used to foreign travel. Can I get into repatriation? How do I start?

    I am not afraid of hard work, but I am afraid that I am going in circles.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
    Ok... so you are "not afraid of a hard work"... then you should have no trouble finding the paragraphs of step by step instructions on how to research, apply and even conduct the interview process in air medical transport that others, and myself have posted on this website. The information is right here and is rather easy to find if motivated. Good luck with your endeavors.
  2. by   mmutk
    I agree with phlegm here. I think that AirEvac, "ScareEvac", as we call them in middle Tennessee is not always up to par with their helicopters. I think there are two issues here #1 The helicopter's performance issues and #2 the patient care and flight crew comfort and treatment issues.

    In Tennessee the EMS division is passing a requirement for helicopter's interior to be Air conditioned and Heated. Air Evac has repeatedly issued letters of disaproval to the state in regaurds to this new statue. (This comes from increased hypothermia post arrest treatment guidelines). I guess they will have to upgrade thier aircrafts in TN when the law passes. They are the only service that cuurently does not meet the new guidelines.