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Hey guys. I am getting quite a bit of negativity about my choice to go for a nursing degree. Here's why: It will take 3 years for my BSN. I'm also double majoring in biology, that should be done in a year (taking summer chemistry)

But if I just went for Bio, graduated in a year, I could (if accepted) go on to a PA program for 3 years. So that's 4 years.

People including my fellow bio students (including one who admittedly failed out of the nursing program and is going for her PA now..how does that work..I don't know) just don't understand why I'm going for nursing. I think they are seeing $ signs only...and I already see even before I'm close to being a nurse that nurses clearly aren't very respected.

I like the "human factor" in nursing basically. I might want to do the PA eventually I don't know it's not in the plans right now.....

Anyone else feeling that people are really looking down on nursing? I feel like promoting this-- the world needs GOOD nurses not just people going into a medical field/healthcare for money and prestige!

It got me thinking though, while some CNA's are really good some can really care less. I wonder if this is going to be a pattern, where RN's are going to be the next CNA's kind of..like PA's will be getting the respect that RN's were once viewed with? (don't misunderstand my comments about CNA please though-so many work hard I know and get little pay and a ton of work for it) My generation really don't view RN's as anything that great. My friend even said to me "You can be so much more! Don't settle!" But older generations (my mom's) seem to really admire my choice..but my peers don't. I just thought this shift was interesting and inevitably the gap is going to keep widening.

Oh also - another comment I get a lot is why don't I just get an associate's or diploma for nursing..they don't see an RN as being "good enough" to require a 4 year degree.

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People say a lot of things. If nursing is what you want to do, just ignore them. Chances are, once these classes are over, you won't really see them anymore. Don't let people get under your skin and second guess yourself.

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"money and prestige" ???? ummm.

Do it or do not do it. I don't understand what your question is? No one can tell you whether these "people" are ones you should be listening to. I never heard a single person tell me not to be a nurse...nor would I have cared if they had. If you care then go listen to them and do what they say. I guess it is up to you.

Please though...tell me more about the money and prestige...where do I find that! Sounds awesome! In nursing???Where???

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Ah, no...I was saying that some people are looking for money and respect in healthcare...

I just thought it was interesting how nursing is shifting thru the generations and being seen as a lesser and lesser profession by some...

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No, RNs will not be the next CNAs. I think people are confused about nursing. First of all, the nursing model and the medical model are two different things. So therefore a PA is going to treat and think differently than a nurse. A physician and PA treat the disease. A patient comes in, gives them a list of symptoms, and a physician treats. A nurse on the other hand, treats how the patient responds to the disease. The nurse treats the person. So you are looking at two different things.

Many hospitals are requiring the BSN now. So yes, a nurse is worthy of a 4 year degree. Not all places, but many. The fact of the matter is, when the baby boomer nurses start retiring in the next 5-10 years there will be a nursing shortage. It just hasn't happened yet. So it will be hard to require 4 year degrees. That is why the big push hasn't come yet. It will.

I honestly don't think it's the younger generation. Nursing is very well respected where I am. Me thinks you are hanging out with the wrong people. ;)


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I've gotten a lot of the same comments. Don't allow it to sway you. Find what you love and hold on to it.

But keep in mind people will probably have the same commentary for you your entire career. I guess you just need to weigh your need for approval against your desire to be a nurse.