Fl LPN to PCT back to school for RN??


I am currently an LPN and thinking if applying for an PCT position in a hospital. One because I miss hospital work and can't get hired back because of lack of clinical experience ( in Community Nursing now). Two I am attempting to go back to school for my RN and to have my foot in the door. I have contacted the Fl BON to see if a LPN can be a PCT but no answer as of today. Does anyone have any thoughts or answers.

Thank you in advance for you time!?


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why do you want to be a pct because Lpn is more money

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I do not know what the rules are in your state. Any number of LPN's are being stripped of their duties to that of a PCT. I am not sure as to if it will help with clinical skills, however, it could help you get your foot in the door of the system, which can open you to alternates when you get your RN.

Bridging to RN doesn't require a great deal of clinical skills already, it is something that you will learn in your RN program.

Best of luck!!