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Starting new thread for FIU’s potential 2021 CRNA Cohort. Post stats, important dates, application FAQs, and other relevant admission info here. Please omit names for privacy.

Application is Due May 5, 2020.

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FIU is one of my top choices. Really nervous about applying.



  • 1.5 Step Down Experience at Level 1 Trauma Center
  • 1 year Experience in very busy Medical ICU at same Level 1 Trauma Center

BSN GPA: 3.38

Plan to take the CCRN January 2020 and GRE March 2020.

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Hi! FIU is my number one choice. I’m only applying to FIU, hopefully not selling myself short but it’s the school that most appeals to my needs.


Overall GPA 3.8

ASN 3.78 BSN 3.9


1.5 year of ICU

2 years as Float pool RN

GRE taking it soon ??

Shadowing CRNA in 2 different hospitals soon as well.

My application is in process. Hoping to have to completed by March latest ????

Goodluck to everyone!!

Hi, I’m planning to apply as well. Have started submitting my documents to Nursingcas but still missing a few things.

CVICU/neuro/medical ICU: 3years

GPA: 3.7


Taking the GRE in March.

Does FIU require Chemistry <5 years like most schools?

Thanks and good luck to all of us.

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Hey guys!

Submitted app via MyFIU on Dec 28th, and on NursingCAS Jan 20th. Coursework was verified from transcripts on Feb 4th. Application status currently is "verified" and I anxiously check it all the time to see if it's changed.

Planning to sit for my CCRN shortly and upload that. Will be taking the GRE soon afterwards. BSN gpa is similar to yours. Last 60 credits? not really sure how they calculate it/look at gpa.

Shadowed 2 CRNAs, wish FIU had their own shadowing form!

Will have 14 months of ICU experience by the app deadline in May, and 22 months of ICU experience by (HOPEFULLY!!!!) matriculating Jan 2021.

This is my top choice as well! I hope we are all future classmates!

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Hi everyone!

I'll be applying late March, still need to sit for GRE (which kind of scares me), any helpful study aids would be appreciated!

Stats: 2 years (3 years by start date) of high acuity Cardiothoracic ICU taking frequent ECMO's, Centrimags, VADs, TAH, IABP, etc, CCRN-CSC, CALS (cardiac surgery), PALS, hospital committees, conferences, 3.75 GPA, class rep, honors societies, college athlete, variety of CRNA shadowing (general, OB, CV, Neuro), GRE score pending lol.... ? I've heard they want around a 300, anyone knows how strict they are with scores and anyone gotten in below that??

FIU is also my #1 because their curriculum best suits me in my opinion. Also, I've interacted w/ a few FIU graduate CRNA's and they are phenomenal/ very well trained!

Well wishes to everyone during the application process!

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Hey guys!

I am also looking to apply to FIU, it happens to be my first choice and I'm praying I get in. I did my Bachelor's in Biology there, and also got my BSN from FIU as well. My GPA isn't at all competitive, but I am still hopeful. I have 1.5 years experience in NICU. I have also heard that NICU isn't even considered ICU experience (although I beg to differ). I have my CCRN and plan to sit for the GRE in March (freaking out about that). I was looking at the prereqs and I noticed I am missing you think they would still accept an applicant missing 1 prereq? I have to speak to an advisor about it, but it has my nerves on edge. I have shadowing opportunities that I will be following through with sometime in March, but I do get the opportunity to watch the CRNAs in the OR during all the C-sections I attend for critical admissions.

Praying for everyone to be successful! So far all your stats seem amazing! Slam dunk for admissions for sure!

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My stats are OK.

2 years CVICU, BSN GPA 3.7, CCRN, sitting for the GRE in late March.
My ASN was terrible because I went to Broward College, but I hope they look over that and look at the last 60 credits. Shadowed a CRNA for 24 hours (total). And my chem is > 5 years. Can’t really get much done before the deadline is due so I’m just running with it.

Best of luck to all of us!

Jvela025 the patho you see I believe is the one you have taken in nursing school. Remember we take advanced patho. Also I personally know of 2 people in NICU who FIU has accepted. So do not feel discouraged. Just attempt to aim for 300 or more in GRE and prepare to be able to explain your GPA to them. Last I wish you much luck in this process.


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Does anyone know how many students FIU takes?

Applied since January. Getting inpatient checking my emails every day....ughhhhhh

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On 3/4/2020 at 3:50 AM, JKRenee said:

Does anyone know how many students FIU takes?

They take 45

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