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Visiting from my comfy home in the NICU forum. Just wondering what you all thought.

I responded with my email addy only to a post on Craigslist. The dude writes back and says he is in town from the Philippines and needs a nurse (requested licensed RN only)

to check on his 12 y/o son who has sickle cell 3x/week. Just refer to hosp if needed. 600/wk with first payment up front. Only requested name, addy and tele#

I pretty much decided it was a scam but I was wondering if it is even legal to take on private duty without some kind of umbrella agency or something. I have had offers to work as a night nurse to multiples before, never really thought about it but in my current situation, it just got me thinking...

Apologies if you get asked this all the time


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Sounds VERY fishy to me. I have always done private duty through an agency myself. It is not illegal for a nurse to do it independently. For instance, nurses can get approved to be independent providers for medicaid cases. Or sometimes you'll get a wealthy family looking for a nurse to do private care. But...this craigslist ad sounds very fishy! I stick with agency cases because liabilty issues concern me...


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I agree...... Run don't walk to the nearest exit....

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run very fast! too fishy for me to believe in. like others have said do pdn through an agency for legal and other issues you don't want to be caught in!


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i think it is strange that they wanted your home addy. that would get me worried because my clients do not know where i live. it's such a big safety issue!


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Too risky a proposition. I prefer to work through agencies, having done private duty. You can get private duty cases without the use of an agency, but you are always taking some kind of risk in the process.

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