I only call in to first lab mon thru fri, is this a mistake anybody else out there that don't call in on the wkends? I'm not complaining I just don't want to get in trouble for skipping so far no one has contacted me about it, and it's been 2wks in the program


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I'm off contract now (yay!!!) but when I was on my monitoring agreement, I had to check in 365 days a year. No exceptions.


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I call everyday, even though pnap case manager had said they don't test on weekends. I don't trust any of them with their words. By the way has anyone been called in to test on the weekends? Or has anyone had urine testing all along then got sent to test for something else like hair or blood?


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I have to call in Monday through Saturday (but we are not in the same state) and have had to test on three Saturdays in a little over a year. Requires a little more planning to find a testing spot that's open on the weekend, but otherwise not a big deal.


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I'm in PNAP and only call into first lab Monday through Friday per the written instructions given to me when I started.


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I'm in Michigan and we don't call on weekends, just Monday thru Friday.


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Agree with skinnedknee. When I signed up to give my CC number (as you know not in a contract just yet) it stated only M-F. I'll update you Mcm79 when I have to sign my IMA if that info changes.


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Can anyone give me information about what their monitoring agreement entailed? Or possible send me a sample. I am worried that I will not be able to work midnights and appreciate any advice that you can give me.

Thank you


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No midnights in the beginning later u can change that