First year as an LVN, ridiculed


I am a new licensed graduate as of December and dealt with nursing home and intense PDN. IM now on Med Surg learning everything I can night shift and it's been difficult. I've cried,broken down, felt ridiculed, etc. but I made it past the hump. I'm doing an RN transition online because where I live, LVNs aren't "****" but still do a lot. I get name called by RNs and whatnot but yet am able to notice certain things. I'm not getting paid anything where I work vs PDN so should I leave? For school sake? Or milk the experience and then leave?

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A year of MedSurg experience is golden to develop your nursing practice. Try to focus on a short-term goal, such as "I'm going to make 6 more months" and remember how far you've come (this from a former LVN ;)

Ignore the ridiculing to decrease it, and learn some assertiveness skills/assertive responses for your own personal growth. "Can we talk? I overheard what you said. Is there something about my performance that is a concern to you?" There are negative people in most work environments. Best wishes

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If you are on your third job in seven months (as your post suggests) perhaps it's time for some introspection in addition to the good advice above.


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Thank you both. You hit it on target, I'm lacking assertiveness.


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I think you should stay for the experience. I also know a lot of LPN's who do home health and get paid a lot and then you wouldn't have to worry about being bullied/name called by the RN's. What online school are you transitioning from LPN to RN online? I'm currently in LPN school and will be done soon and want to know of schools to get my RN.