Worried about my interviews.....

  1. So far I had two interviews at two differrent hospitals. I'm not sure what to think since they were so different. In one hospital the manager was very friendly and did most of the talking. In the other hospital the manager was very quiet and I was the one doing most of the talking at first I wondered if she was even interested in me and then after a while she seemed interested.... Both of them said they would call my references but that it would take two weeks to get back to me because they still had to interview other people......... Does this indicate anything at all?
    Oh yeah one interview was for L&D and the other for mother/baby
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Hey! Not sure what else to say but good luck! Just give it time, and possibly schedule some more interviews. Let us know how it goes! :spin:
  4. by   KatieBell
    Managers can be as different as day and night. I had one interview when I was a new Grad where the guy asked me all about my experience as a Museum volunteer (it was on my resume). It was so strange, and all I could think was, "Why is he interested in my thoughts on Native Americans..." I was offerred the job, but did not take it because I figured he was not the type of manager I wanted.

    I would ask your references if they have been called. This will indicate an interest more than anything else. You could also call nurse recruitment, and ask how things are going. I do not advocate deception, but you might say something like, "I'm newnurse, and I had an interview one week ago. I really liked the facility and the unit and the manager. I have a few more interviews scheduled, but since I really liked XYZ unit, I'd like to check on where I am in the process." It depends on the recruiter, though. Some will tell you everything, others will just tell you to wait.
  5. by   newnurse.rs
    Thanks for the replies. I have oficially accepted a position in one of the hospitals. I'm sooo excited and looking forward to working in L&D. I'm also nervous but I know this is for me.
    This is a level 3 unit and they have about 300 births per month. I will also be floating to the triage unit.
  6. by   USA987
    That's awesome for you! Congratulations! Look forward to reading your posts on the ob/gyn board.
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