Where to work first year after licensure, when moving in a year?

  1. I was wondering what everyone thinks about the best "temporary" job for a new grad. I am living in an area that I will likely be living about 6 hours away from in about a year. I am hoping to get a nursing job, but wonder if it is feasible given my situation. I am concerned that getting a job with a hospital for a year and then quitting won't look good on my resume and make it harder to get a job in the future.

    I am looking to get into an acute care setting and want to hone my skills towards that vs long term care. I hope to work in an OR, forensic nursing, or an OB unit when I settle down into my career in a year.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Med surg would be the most versatile if you're planning on moving as a fairly new nurse without a strong idea of what you'd like to do in the future.
    Quitting your first job after one year due to a move is not a terrible thing. And a lot can change in a year, too. You might move somewhere completely different it not move at all.
  4. by   Elaine M
    It'll look worse if you don't work for a year because you're moving.
  5. by   KelRN215
    Quote from Elaine M
    It'll look worse if you don't work for a year because you're moving.
    I agree. Not working as a nurse for a year post-graduation will look way worse on a resume than having a nursing job for one year and leaving because you're moving. Do NOT mention anything in any interviews about how you hope to move 6 hours away in a year, though. Anything could happen in the next year. When I graduated from nursing school, I thought I'd work in a hospital for 2 years then move to either Africa or rural Latin America and be a nurse there. But, 11 years later, here I am living in the same city and pretty settled with 2 dogs and a fiance.

    The short answer to where to work in your situation is: wherever will hire you.
  6. by   RNjojo33
    My husband and I moved to a different state for his masters and we knew we were not going to be there long term. I got a job in an incredible pediatric hospital and in the interview did not tell them I had any intention of moving home in the next year or two. I ended up working for about 14 months at the hospital before we moved home (my husband graduated early). I had absolutely no problems getting a new job at another magnet pediatric hospital! They didn't even question why I wasn't there longer. When you move I think they can see what the obvious reason for why you left your job. So get a job and then you have the peace of mind that if it doesn't end up being your passion or favorite job you don't have to stay forever! It's a great learning experience!!

    I agree with everyone else it would hurt you more not to work! Good luck!! Don't stress about it people switch jobs more frequently than you think