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wanting to hear from you first year nurses about what you carry in your pockets and why, what could you not live without. I know I need a good watch, stethescope, hemastats, ............what else?... Read More

  1. by   jabiru
    Quote from hica19
    ... and each nurse on the floor uses this really neat "cellphone" type phone to call various departments of the hospital, and after paging doctors on the computer, the doctors could call us directly back on there. It's much better because we can do something else while waiting for the doctors to call us back rather than waiting by the deskphones.
    What a brilliant system. I hate to think how much time we waste either hanging around the desk for a doctor to return a page or chasing up the rest of the team, asking "who paged the Med Reg?"
  2. by   ghmccart
    I love all of my pockets, and being a critical care nurse, you love having what you need when you need it, finding out what you need, just takes time and is different for everyone.
    Scrub top upper left pocket: sharpie,two black pens
    bottom right pocket:calipers,carpujet(I clip my hemastats onto my scrub top with a roll of plastic tape on it)
    bottom L pocket:alcohol preps,caps,labels,electrodes
    scrub pants R cargo pocket: carrying case with scissors, calculator back up pens, pen light,etc, and a couple fold out AACN references
    Bottoms L cargo:report sheets, misc papers, stethascope at times.
    THAT's enough isn't it? :spin:
  3. by   TigerGalLE
    Haha I love this thread! So fun!
    Well my pockets are never that organized and I lose things in my pockets constantly... But in my scrub pockets I carry a sharpie, pen, dry erase marker, highlighter, scissors, chapstick, my cheat sheet, alcohol wipes, 2 X 2s.... In my cargo scrub pants I carry my pocket pharm book (very small and very awesome.. lists drugs and the class and the normal dosage..), our hospitals doctor's phone book, and flushes... I also usually have tons of pieces of scrap paper with my to do lists on them!!

    Haha I always load my pockets up so I am prepared for the day.!
  4. by   heather2084
    is it called vocera, or something of the like? we have those at my hosp. you can dial out to anywhere and people can call in directly to your vocera on your neck. pretty nice as long as you dont wonder outside the doors lol
  5. by   RN and Mommy
    Ok, here is what's in my pockets.
    Right one (I am right handed so this stuff is used most often)
    30 or so alcohol wipes
    Keys (although these sometimes go in my pants pocket when I have on pants with pockets

    Left pocket
    Extra pen

    In my little bag which sits in a basket under our portable computers which we tote everywhere

    pill cutter
    IV caps
    more alcohol wipes
    extra patient wrist bands (fall precautions, DNR, allergy)

    Stethoscope is around my neck in the mornings and in my basket the rest of the shift until the new surgicals begin rolling in, then it's around my neck again.

    Drug Book is beside my computer
    Saline flushes about 5 or so at a time are on on my computer cart
    lotion is located behind my computer
    Sticky notes are next to my computer
    highlighters are in my clipboard (the kind that opens)

    I know I have alot of stuff, but I don't have to carry it all around we wheel around these little carts with laptops on top.
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  6. by   Roy Fokker

    Scrub front pocket: ID tag clipped on, 1-2 pens, miscelaneous items (those green stopper thingies you put at the end of IV tubing). If I'm doing accu checks then I also carry the test strips and the lancets

    Scrub pants:
    Left side pocket: Tape. Alcohol and Iodine swabs. PCA pump set keys
    Left cargo pocket (outer) : a bunch of Prefilled saline flushes. 4-5 more pens (pens keep shuttling between this pocket and my scrub top pocket. I go through a pen ever week).
    Left cargo pocket (inner): beeper (sometimes also my PDA), torniquet, 1-2 pair gloves.
    Right cargo pocket (outter): Stethoscope
    Right cargo pocket (inner): Scissors, Hemostat, Carpuject each in individual loop holders.

    Back hip pocket: 3x3s and 4x4s.

    I think I'd get lonely without all my pockets
  7. by   NurseyPoo
    Right Pocket = Sharpie (Black and Red), 2 Black Pens, Mechanical Pencil, Small note pad

    Left Pocket = Alc. Wipes, Hemostats, Scissors

    Right Leg Pocket = Saline Flushes, Heparin Flushes

    Left Leg Pocket = Gum, money for soda, chap-stick

    Stethoscope = I leave that right near my flow sheet right outside the room, and it has a small light attached to it. Usually my patients are all next to each other. So I have a rolling table set up with their charts, MAR's, and flow sheets right there where I can get to them quickly.
  8. by   kimmymom
    At the beginning of my shift:

    Left pocket: carpuject, scissors, chapstick, tape and alcohol wipes

    Right pocket: pens, sharpie, post-it notes, pager and keys for our narc cabinet.

    At the end of the night one could add a whole bunch of tabs and caps for IV bags, etc. among other things that I've acquired throughout the shift
  9. by   neneRN
    I carry a couple of black pens and a yellow highlighter in my pocket, stethescope around the neck, and Spectralink phone (hospital portable phone-each nurse carries her own and has her own extension) clipped on my hip. It helps that we have a fully stocked supply cart and Med-select in each room, so no need to carry around the rest of the junk.
  10. by   arizonanurse
    Stethoscope (I don't like wearing it around my neck, so it goes in my pocket)
    Alcohol wipes
    Bandage scissors
    IV caps
    Lots of pens, since I always seem to lose them
    My report sheet
    My cell phone
    My car keys with a calculator key chain (can't count how many times I and the pharmacist have used that tiny little calculator to calculate creatinine clearance or pediatric drug dosing)
    Watch on my wrist
    ID badge around my neck with the doctors' phone numbers written on a sticker on the back, and mini black and red sharpies attached
  11. by   Roy Fokker
    Speaking of pockets:

    Am I the only one with a ritual? I've noticed that I almost always follow a pattern when I'm loading up stuff from my locker before my shift.

    As in: Steth first, then the right pockets, left pockets, back pocket and finally front pocket?

    Or do y'all just grab stuff and shove 'em in with no particular order or reason?
  12. by   cardiacRN2006
    Hmmm, I only have 2 pens (1 black, 1 red) and my report sheet, which is written on a blank sheet of paper.

    But I have a cool bag that has all my reference books in it, and some cookies, some treats, maybe some gum...

    Oh, and some money in my back pocket.
  13. by   jbendi2
    im excentric i have three pockets.

    On my back pants pocket i keep my handy dandy 4 alcohol wipes ( you never know when it comes in handy) and my cellphone

    Two front pockets on my top scrub:
    on the right pocket: GUM, two dollars (for soda) , penlight, red pen, blue pen, green pen, and black pen
    on the left pocket: scissors, 4x4 gauze, band aids, saline flush, and my pocket drug book