What Really Scares Me

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN today and it shut off at 75. I'm not dumb. I was in the top 5% of my class. I love nursing, and I eat up everything about it. But I'm still scared, because as we all know from tests in school and practice NCLEX questions, you can think you know the answer; you can think you have the rationale only to be wrong and find they have some stupid rationale that no one in their right mind would use. That's how I feel now. People tell me that for sure I've passed, but we never really know do we? And the horrible reality of failing (90 more days as a tech, 90 more days of study, another 200 bucks, another stressful test).

    The fact is there is a huge divide between those who have learned they passed and those who are awaiting their results. I'd do anything to know I passed. This state of mind truly sucks.

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  3. by   laughingfairy
    consider this a hug...same thing happened to me...my mom talked me through it she rationailzed as at 75 questions to have dropped the difficulty level so fast etc...you would have had to get more than 50% wrong otherwise it should have kept testing you...

    I went through every question I could think of when I got to 40 of them correct I stopped checking and tried to relax
  4. by   rainbows4me
    and find some diversion if you can...

    I'm sorry you have to sit and wait. Does your state participate in the early unofficial results option with Pearson? Is it two days? I don't envy you at all - and I'll be there soon enough... Are there any movies you've been wanting to rent? That's my tentative plan (as though anything would really work:uhoh21: ) but for now, I'm still waiting for my ATT...

  5. by   gizelda196
    When I took my exams we were the first to take the new electronic exam. I went in with my two bestest class mates.WELL my computer shut off at 79. it just shut off no thanks no your ok just OFF!!!! I freaked. So I went outside .chained smoked a pack of butts and waited and waited and waited and waited. Gretchen came out first with 215 questions and joined me in the chain smoking party and we waited and waited and waited.Shelly came out having answered every single question!I just knew I failed becuase I was out so quikly. And Shelly just new that she had failed becuase she was out last. Gretchen just had no idea!. Those 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. We all passed. But i will never forget that anxiety . sitting their in front of the pc and it just shut off!
  6. by   anutmeg
    Congratulations to taking the test. I'm sure you did fine. I cant even begin to imagine what you are feeling right now. The waiting really sucks. I take my exam on june 16th and i am not looking forward to waiting either.
  7. by   Ortho_RN
    I'm sure you did fine..

    But they have changed the retake to 45days..
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    hang in there. i am still waiting on my att and the nerves are "flying"!