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as a NEW nurse. And what area are you employed ex. ER, OB, and Med/surg etc....:uhoh21: Also, what is something unique about the environment at the job that makes you like it?... Read More

  1. by   OncologyRN07
    oncology floor:
    I love my patients, all of my patients. They give me gifts of love and kindness each and every day. It is very hard to see them get sick, but what a reward when they get better.
    My manager has the patience of a saint. Very friendly and approachable.
  2. by   OncologyRN07
    Quote from NursingAgainstdaOdds
    I work on a medical/tele floor.

    I think what I like best is the confidence this entire experience has given me. I feel like I can do anything, 12 hours (or 13, or 14....) at a time. In my personal life, tasks or challenges I may have shied away from previously I now take on without a second thought. I've become a much more proactive, hands-on person.

    I also like that when I get home and there's a sink full of dishes I can say "But babe! I just worked a 13 hour shift." He's got nothin'.
    I like your answer about the dishes in the sink too! Does that happen to all women working?
    Thanks for that
  3. by   leesespieces
    [font=book antiqua]i'm 2 weeks into my job (rn) in the ccu at a community hospital right outside a major city. i love it because everyone is so nice, something that's been rare to me in past work/clinical experience! the nurses have welcomed me with open arms and are so encouraging and really treat me as they do all the other staff that have been there 20+ years.
    [font=book antiqua] i like icu because i like the critical care setting and all the changes that can happen so quickly. i also like that i get to provide complete care for my patients and that it's actually getting done. i know that if i had 7 med/surg patients it would not be possible to meet all of their needs and i couldn't handle that. it's so rewarding to see a patient go from s/p arrest on a vent and multiple drips etc to getting stable and being able to leave the icu. it's rough when it goes the other way but i like being a part of the code team as well.
  4. by   al7139
    I started on a telemetry/medicine floor. I have been there 2 months (since graduation). When I was in school, I always thought I would go to ER, or go back to work at my old job in another hospital (ortho) to start. I did three clinicals in this hospital, and two on this unit. Until I did clinicals here, I hated anything cardiac related. I really changed my mind after experiencing this unit!
    There are so many reasons I like it:
    It is incredibly interesting. I am always challenged (no two days, pts, etc. are the same). I really liked how as students we were welcomed with open arms and nurses eager to share their knowledge with us (I had so many clinicals where I felt like an inconvenience and unwelcome). The staff really cares about their patients, and it shows in their work with the patients and families. The management really cares about their staff. The whole team is very supportive of each other, and willing to jump in to help a team member in need.
    Who wouldn't want to work here?
    I will admit that it's not perfect all the time, but darn close!