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  1. by   Yankee in Texas
    Congrad/tulations to all!!! Boy I thought I would never see this day. Nursing school reminded me of pledge period for a sorority.

    MED/SURG is the way. It IS a specialty and I'm not using it as a stepping stone. I plan to become certified in Med/Surg. I chose this field because will I get to see everything. I don't like boxing myself in. It's like a samplers platter that I plan to make as a meal!!
  2. by   KarenAR
    Originally posted by autumn-moon
    I'm starting working as a grad. nurse in the state acute psych. hospital on Friday, June 13th.
    You are a brave woman, starting in a psych hospital on Friday the 13th!

    Just kidding - actually I love psych too and would like to do that one day. Your job sounds fabulous! Congrats and best of luck!
  3. by   KarenAR
    I will graduate August 10 and have a job lined up at a peds hospital. The job is an ICU internship that lasts a year - and it allows me to do the first six months in the NICU (and the remainder in the PICU and the cardiac ICU). I am very excited about this job because I *LOVE* working with babies and their parents (including sick babies), and because it is a YEAR-long internship! I'm in an accelerated program and my head is spinning :spin: ... I am looking forward to having the internship period to solidify my skills & knowledge before I'm totally "on my own."
  4. by   fourbirds4me
    That sounds wonderful!! I wish there were programs like that around here. *sigh* We have 4 hospitals in the area and they all stay small because there are 4 hospitals in a town of 100,000. I want to work Labor and Delivery. The hospital that delivers the most babys (80/month) doesn't have any openings in L&D but they told me I could work post partum or nursery until something opened up. Another hospital who delivers about 30/month needs a L&D nurse and is offering a $6000 sign on bonus. Their women's services area kinda flows into L&D, PP and peds so I could see all kinda stuff there. I would really like to me busy and have a high level of accuity but would have to drive 100 miles to work in NICU or high risk OB... I have a lot of decisions to make.....
  5. by   newfloridaRN
    i just graduated in december and i got a job in the emergency room. i love it, i dont think i could EVER go back to floor nursing! i love the adrenaline rush! yay.
  6. by   SaraRNin2003
    Currently working on an Orthopedic / Neuro / Med-surg carryover floor but mainly ortho/neuro. I am waiting for a L & D position in this particular hospital to open up. I did my preceptorship there and they said they would seriously consider me for any openings they have even with minimal experience. I took my current position so that I would have a foot in the door already at this hospital, and have found that I really really like ortho, I am not particularly fond of neuro but hey I have learned alot. I am happy where I am for now, but my heart and soul is really in L & D.

    Hugs to all!
  7. by   LuvbabiesRN
    WOOOHHOOOO to all new grads!!! CONGRATS to us all!!!
    I am starting on a cardiovascular surgical floor. Mostly CABG's and valve replacements and some other vascular stuff. I love cardiac but really want to PEDI cardiac. I think how they fix congential cardiad defects is amazing.... so its going to be off to a NICU or a peds cardaic floor sometime in the near future.
  8. by   EmeraldNYL
    So, to all recent grads, how are the first few weeks of your new jobs going?

    I graduate Oct. 3rd and I'm going to be working in a medical/resp. ICU at a level I trauma center. I can't wait!
  9. by   dsczephyr
    I am starting in HIV/Infectious Disease. On this floor we also do the medical care for the "psych" patients from the hospital's affiliated psychiatric hospital. It's a telemetry unit as well. I am doing this for awhile before transferring to the ER. Many new grads are going straight into the ER, but I would rather have some time in as a nurse first. My specialty that I am working towards is Forensic Nursing, and to that end I have also been working on my BS in Criminal Justice.
  10. by   NurseKelly03
    I graduated in May and just found out last week I passed boards!YEAH! I'm working in Surgical ICU. I know how some people feel about a new grad working in this area but our hospital has a great 6 week med-surg orientation and another 3 weeks critical care orientation. So far I'm loving being a RN!
  11. by   KarenAR

    Best of luck to you in your decision-making! I would love to hear what you choose to do. I personally loved postpartum and nursery when I did my OB rotation...so I would lean toward going that route...but that's just me! I also can't stand long commutes. But $6000 and the great experience is certainly tempting! I can see why it is a tough decision.

    A couple of things about sign-on bonuses though: (1) a big chunk of it gets eaten up by taxes, and (2) there's usually a reason they're offering that big incentive... (i.e., a trade-off somewhere). If the only trade-off is the commute, that's one thing, but make sure it's a good working environment.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!
  12. by   tinyhands4Him
    I am starting in a level III NICU July 21st and couldn't be more nervous but I have been wanting to do this since eigth grade. I am completely in love with kids, some call be obsessed, but whatever. Babies are my fav and I just feel so at home on any peds ward or nursery. I know it will be challenging, exciting, and very rewarding. I love seeing such tiny miracles be born way before they were supposed to and then fight into a normal child with our help. It's amazing. Good luck to everyone that's about to start and congrats on being RNs!
  13. by   TinyNurse
    I may have posted on this before, i just wanna give an update..............
    it's a confusing update, and took alot of heartfelt thinking to come to a conclusion.
    I originally accepted a position in a large teaching hospital in a CTICU. 2:1 ratio.
    The day after I did my drug screen/etc....... i recieve a phone call that I got hired in a local community hospital ER.

    I've decided to accept this ER position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why???? Because ER is what I wanted throughout my senior year of school.
    They offer a 3,500 sign on,
    the ER director will be training me, and he seems to "respect" my initiative to take acls in my senior year of school.

    Since psych was my 2nd love, i've decided to work 2 sundays a month in an alzheimers unit.

    it took alot to decide between the teaching hospital and ER. but my heart was with ER, so i decided to run with it. After that experience I'll be able to go to other larger ER/trauma ERs I guess.

    so yeah I am still awaiting an ATT from NCLEX..............
    wish me luck!