Weekend Bailer position/getting gyped?

  1. I work 7-3 mon thru thur at my facility. One of the things I was told when I was hired was that once a month I would have to cover for the weekend bailer (spelling?) shift for the male nurse who works it, as he is in the army reserves. I didnt have a problem with that. The shift is Fri, Sat and Sun, 3 12 hour shifts. The position gets weekend differential pay and night differential pay, which starts at 3pm. You also get paid 8 extra hours, work 36 and get paid for 44. I was recently offered the position, as the nurse who works it is pretty sure he is going to be called into active service. I accepted the position, and was put on the calendar starting week after next.
    Heres my problem. First of all, I was told that I did not get the bailer benefits when I covered, because I did not "own" the position. I did not like that, but the staffing coordinator basically said tough, you agreed to this when you took the job. But, I was offered the position, and accepted it.
    Then, last week the schedule coordinator called me in her office and said, "By the way, I just needed to clarify something. Joe, (not his real name), doesnt want to give up his position. So the position is not yours, and that means you dont get the bailer benefits. I am on the schedule for the next 5 weeks on this position, 'covering'. I feel that this is totally unfair, and after thinking about it for a couple of days and discussing it with my husband, went to the DON about it, and to talk to the staffing scheduler. The first time I tried to talk to her, I said, "I really need to talk to you about the position. I said I just feel that it is unfair that I dont get the benefits." She cut me off and said "FINE." and walked away from me. I said, "Are we just going to leave it at fine?" to her retreating back. She said, "Its 8am, I havent had my coffee yet, and I am not doing this now." So I said, "May I come and talk to you about it later?" She actually said, "Whatever." and walked off. :uhoh21:
    So, later I did go in to talk to her, I apologized, "I dont mean to make your job harder, and I want to support our military and all that, but I have 2 small children and a husband, and it is the money difference that made me decide to give up my weekends." She said, "I just dont have time for this right now." I tried to say that that was fine, as I work day shift for one more week, and hopefully we can work something out by then. She just snapped at me about not having time for this right now, so I gave up and left.
    I was warned that this is how she it, but I really cant see that there is any fairness at all in this situation. ANYBODY have any advice, input? I tried to handle it professionally, I was not defensive, even though she was so rude to me. I am at a loss as what to do. I really dont want to quit, I am a new nurse, and just getting my bearings. I am really learning a lot, and I like the people I work with. But I feel as if this is blatantly unfair I could just cry. I am also frustrated and angry at the treatment. :angryfire Should I just say forget it and go back to my 7-3 shift? Or take it as a warning as to how this facility treats its employees?
    Any help at all would be soo appreciated.:bowingpur
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  3. by   GeminiTwinRN
    First of all, kuddos to you for maintaining your professionalism in light of such UNprofessional behavior!

    I think I would try to put your wishes down on an email and send it off, both to the DON and to the schedule coordinator. I don't see how after "offering" you the position that they can later "clarify" what they knew you didn't understand to be the terms of your new position. They offered you the Bailor position, and you agreed to take it. It seems simple enough. Were you aware that the position would be only for 5 weeks? It certainly makes sense that they would pay you the same salary as was paid to the previous person holding that position.
  4. by   Altra
    The "Baylor" programs are named after Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas, TX) which pioneered some creative ways to alleviate chronic weekend staffing shortages.

    I just want to clarify ... before the apparent change in the other staff member's circumstances, you worked 32 hours/week 3 weeks of the month, and 36 hours/week the remaining week that he was on reserve duty. Were these schedules considered to be full-time at your facility? Were you receiving full-time benefits, and are these the Baylor benefits you're referring to when you say you were told after the fact that you wouldn't be eligible for them?

    Also, this may be a case where labor laws dictate that employers "hold" the positions of employees who are called to active military duty. There may not be a choice in the matter -- they are required to hold his position for him and can fill it using temporary staffing but can't "hire" another person into the position.
  5. by   Daytonite
    I'd start looking for another job and plan on getting out of Dodge. I don't like an administrator who acts that way toward someone on her staff. No matter how irked she might be at you, there is no excuse for the way she treated you. She is a department manager for cying out loud. And, the staffing coordinator (who to my knowledge in all the places I've worked is only clerk) is also being nasty too? I'd be out of there in a New York minute. If they can afford to be that snippy with you, a new grad, then they can afford to get on without you. Talk about making you feel welcome and wanting to be a part of their "family". . . Start talking to human resource departments at other hospitals on Monday morning. I wouldn't even bother to give these jokers a notice when I quit. Then, I'd write a letter about the way the DON treated me to every member of the governing board of the hospital since they are members of the community.
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    I guess I'm a little confused. Were you covering this postition for the rest of the year, or just the next 5 weeks?
    I worked Baylor for almost 4 years. It is a year long contract that we re-signed each year. So unless you were doing Baylor for the entire year, then you don't get the benefits of Baylor. I had to work 50 out of 52 weekends a year in order to get my differential. Ours was 2-12hr shifts, paid for 36hrs and considered full time. Now if Joe can't committ to the demands of Baylor, then he shouldn't be able to hold the position. People would have to cover our positions if we were out sick, or if we took our weekend off.

    Either way, the way they talked to you sounds pretty messed up. I'd start looking for greener pastures.
  7. by   PANurseRN1
    Sorry, but "Joe" does have the right to request that his position be held.


    I would look for something else. This doesn't sound like a great place to work.
  8. by   lvs2nrs3535
    Okay, to clarify for everyone, I committed to a 36 hour position, considered full time. 7 to 3, (or 6:30-4:00, as we all know). One weekend a month, I cover for the military duty of the person who is committed to the weekend Baylor, (thanks for the correct spelling:wink2: ). I understand that. Was not thrilled with it, but.... sometimes thats the way it is.
    Also to clarify, the staffing administrator is the one who offered me the position. When I accepted, she put me on it full time. THEN, she called me in to 'clarify' that the other person did not want to give up the position, and I had to 'cover' for five weeks. The staffing administrator is the one who was rude, not the DON. The DON is, I hope, going to bat for me on this.
    Sorry I was unclear.
    What I am upset about is that I was offered the position, and I accepted, and I have been making arrangements, (I almost gave my sitter notice, Thank God I didnt!!). To be called in a week after the schedule was up and given a "by the way", is what I feel is unacceptable. I guess I will find out if my DON is behind me or not.
    My major problem is that as a new grad, I hate to look like I am job hopping. I already left one position in a major hospital because of daycare scheduling conflicts, (My three 12 hour shifts were not set, and I had to pay full daycare for two children after school, $220 per week.)
    Thanks for the advice so far everybody. I really appreciate it. I am open to any more opinions/advice/suggestions in order to remain professional in my very first administrative battle!
    Love all the help.
  9. by   cardiacRN2006
    Oh my, that sucks! I'm sorry you are in this position. If they offered you the position and you accepted, then they have to honor that decision. I would file an formal grievance with HR. In fact, that is exactly how I got my Baylor position LOL! It was offered, accepted and then rejected. I filed a grievance, and won, and stayed on Baylor until I graduated and quit.

    Start by looking up your policies and procedures. Sometimes you are time limited when filing grievances. I would still give it a try...Good Luck.
  10. by   Altra
    Quote from MLOS
    Also, this may be a case where labor laws dictate that employers "hold" the positions of employees who are called to active military duty. There may not be a choice in the matter -- they are required to hold his position for him and can fill it using temporary staffing but can't "hire" another person into the position.
    Hope you're able to work something out ... I agree things were handled in a very shoddy way. But keep the above in mind - the facility's hands might be tied. The staffing coordinator may have been ignorant of this when she "offered" you the position, but that's absolutely no excuse ...

    Is this a very small hospital? Doesn't your HR dept. get involved in stuff like this?
  11. by   PANurseRN1
    They shouldn't have offered you the position until they were sure "Joe" no longer wanted it and had formally resigned. The law says he does have the right to ask that his position be held, which is only fair, since he is being called to active duty.
  12. by   lvs2nrs3535
    Hi everybody,
    Thanks so much for the opinions and advice. I stayed strong, and for the 5 weeks I am covering the Baylor position, I do get the benefits. We are going to continue to hold the position for the nurse who is in the military, and he still does not know if he is going to be called up for active duty, but in the meantime, at least I get the pay for the charge nurse position. It is not a hospital I work in, but a LTC facility. (never expected to be here, but I am loving it, much to my surprise!). Not to be predjudiced, but I guess I had a misconception as to what goes on in a LTC facility. I worked a busy Med-Surg floor at a major hospital before this, and thought I was busy then. Anyway,......Again, thanks for all the support. If the other nurse gets called to active duty, the position is mine. If not, I am back to my 7-3 position. Either way, I am happy with the way things turned out. AllNurses Rocks!! I have said this before, but no one else understands what I am going through except other nurses, and it is so very nice to have the support and advice I get here.
    Good energy and peace to everyone!
  13. by   SillyLilly
    Im glad it all worked out for you!

    And thanks for posting. I am a brand spanking new grad and look at all these posts for wisdom and advice.