Ways For New Nurses To Make Extra Money

  1. I'm a junior nursing student, so I still have a little while before this even applies to me. I have tons of student loans (from nursing and a previous degree) that are gonna start beating down my door after graduation. I'm trying to think of ways new grad nurses can make extra money. Hopefully you can help. I know lots of nurses work second jobs PRN. How long do you need to be a nurse before someone will hire you PRN? What other options do new grads have for making extra money???
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  3. by   cpacia124
    after you graduate having clinical experience and lecture you might want to try being a caregiver..

    you can also ask check with your nursing dept at school what jobs might be available. i would just have a resume ready =)
  4. by   Melinurse
    I am a new grad working prn at 2 LTC facilities and working prn agency. Go ahead and apply. You make more as prn but no benefits and no shift differential, holiday extra pay, etc. There are pros and cons to it. Be sure to ask lots of questions especially about training and make sure they understand you are a new grad.
  5. by   NeoNurseTX
    at my hospital you can sign up for extra shifts..you get OT and you're in your familiar facility.
  6. by   RNrural
    After graduating in May my loans have become due as well. To make extra money I also work extr shifts at the hospital I am employed at. I also take call for the Hospice in our area and sometimes see their pts. These all help pay the bills.