Took Nclex today

  1. Took NCLEX today. Stopped after 75 questions. Wish me luck. After 18 years as a LPN there is only one test score between me and my RN license! All prayers appreciated!
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  3. by   Nana1206
    Best Wishes! My prayers are with you! :flowersfo

    (My exam is coming up soon.)
  4. by   onduty23
    wish you the best
    keep us inform
  5. by   dijaqrn
    Good luck, fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Scrubz
    I guess that means you done really, really good, or, ya know!! But hopefully you did great!!
  7. by   glen723
    I took it today too. it turned off in 75 questions. felt like it was the hardest test i ever took. my instructors say that is good. some stuff i never heard of before, or it seems like. is it possible to do 3000 questions on kaplan and graduate first in my class and fail? im so nervous, i just want the result so i can stop stressing.
  8. by   nursejllrn
    Thanks for all the well wishes. I came home and told my family the exact same thing Scrubz said. I did really really WELL or really really BAD! I'm a little worried Glen 'cause I didn't find it very hard. Compared to our school exams anyway. ( and believe me I'm no genius.) So time will tell. But I refuse to stress! I can repeat in 45 days if necessary. Don't WANT to, but WILL if I have to. Thanks again to all who wished me well. This board is great for finding supporting people who can relate to your pain!
  9. by   hupnurse
    So how did you do if I may ask and what did you do to prepare.
    Taking the boards feb 26
  10. by   glen723
    I just got the word today at 3 pm. i checked my status with the board and they accepted my test, what a relief, i passed. i did kaplan, over 3000 questions, it is very similar to the nclex. pay close attention to all rationales, even the ones for the wrong answers when you do practice quesitons. i passed at only 75 questions, it feels good. i had 4 select all that apply, those are the hardest, and a whole bunch of priority. good luck, im sure you'll pass, nobody comes out thinking they pass, just like me, but the percentages show, you'll most likely pass.
  11. by   onduty23
    congrats glen
  12. by   hupnurse
    When you say percentages do you mean the ones on the kaplan with qbank andqtrainer. I did the first three qbanks I got a 70%, 50% redid the test and received a 66% and on the third qbank I received a 64%.
  13. by   nursejllrn
    I found out right after midnight last night while at work. Looked it up on the state board site under license status check. I PASSED!! I studied by practicing with the Saunders cd-rom practice test. I did at least 50 questions a day for about two weeks. I had a lot of prioritizing questions " Which patient would you see first?" (Think abc's) and delegation ,Which pt. would you assign the LPN?, (Think skilled assignment for the LPN and non skilled ( ambulation, bathing etc) for the nurse assistants.) Had a few peds related questions one math/dose calculation, a few on Diabetes and several on safety. Thats all I can remember. Remember you test taking tips.
  14. by   hupnurse
    Are the question like the CD's and kaplan or are they so hard you come out frightened and crying