Tips for improving energy levels??

  1. Hi everyone, well as you might have seen from my other postings - I'm a new grad. My first preceptor and I didn't click and my first weeks of work to put it mildly were pretty hellish. I have a new preceptor and things are ALOT better, still scared unsure at times etc,, but she's there for me, has really showed me alot and my confidence has gotten alot better.

    I'm currently working 3 12 hour shifts a weeks but its more like 14 hours or more because sometimes I get out late and I live an hour away to the place I work. I find on my days off I'm EXHAUSTED or just have NO Motivation to do anything. I used to exercise on a regular basis but don't even have motivation to do that; I Just find myself wanted to either read or just sit in front of the boob tube and watch something mindless. My hubby is like what is wrong with you?? So any tips for improving energy levels? I've been trying to take a multivitamin on a regular basis which I think has helped a little.
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  3. by   JentheRN05
    I take b-12 shots, but I never knew about those until I was out of hospital nursing. They do help. But only thing is I know how you feel.
    Heck - when I was working in the hospital (12h nights) I NEVER could do anything. My house was always a mess, I NEVER cooked (and I love to cook) I just was totally miserable.
    I'm so glad I don't work in a hospital anymore. It's just too tiring.
    Can't think of much else to say except - even if you don't FEEL like exercising, the old saying is true.
    It takes energy to make energy.
    I find if I do even a minor workout I have more energy to do things.
  4. by   timinchrist
    I found that Royal Jelly, a nutritional supplement, works wonders. It'll give you energy that you can't imagine and it's natural.
  5. by   vitaminA
    This is an important topic for us night RNs. I work 3-4 12-hr night shifts/wk and always feel exhausted. I used to run regularly and be a happy person and all I want to do as well is watch mindless TV, read, and sleep. I don't see my children 1/2 the week. A fellow nurse at work gave to me some info on a so-called miracle fruit: Mangosteen. I am so desparate for energy, I may try it. During the night, I am not at all hungry, so I take a lot of fruit & protein drinks which seem to help me make it through the nights. The suggestion of royal jelly is worth trying as well. Hang in there and good luck. Thanks for sharing.
  6. by   healer27
    oh thanks everyone good responses keep them coming, Tim how much royal jelly do you take?
  7. by   timinchrist
    Quote from healer27
    oh thanks everyone good responses keep them coming, Tim how much royal jelly do you take?
    Go to your local health food store they will carry it and take the suggested dosage. Another excellent product is Barleygreen. Both will give you an incredible energy boost and both are natural products.
    Royal jelly is from the queen bee and Barleygreen is the grain, barley.
  8. by   healer27
    thanks Tim! I'll check it out!
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    your body will improve a lot when you become use to the new schedule
    hospital work is exhausting mentally and physically but it is people can survive
    i have cfs and i take vit b shots and supplements and walking helps somewhat
  10. by   JentheRN05
    Ginsing is also good -and whats even better is they now sell ginsing with royal jelly together. It's through 'Life Fitness'
    hope that helps - it's fairly cheap too
  11. by   youngatheart
    Healer27, I know how you feel, I started nights 7p-7am 3 weeks ago, I have no energy all I want is to sleep, I used to work out at least 4 times per week but feel so exhausted, I started taking melatonin before I go to sleep to help get rid of that hangover feeling of not enough sleep, that has helped some, but your right my energy level dropped hopefully my body just needs to adjust to nighshift. It's really hard because I am such a day person. keep the tips coming.
  12. by   wfperseus
    Is there any possibility of changing your shifts to something like three 8 hr. shifts and one 12 hr. per week (total 36 hrs)? I also find that taking a multivitamin, vit. B complex, iron, and vit. C help . . . and don't give up on your exercise! Good luck!
  13. by   tamari07
    Healer27- I can totally relate!! I just started my new job a few weeks ago and I also work 3 12's a week and it also takes me an hour to get to work (sometimes more if there's traffic). I just got done working this week and am EXHAUSTED. I've read all the replies and that is some really good tips! During my work day I usually have some peppermint tea which helps perk you up. When I get home from work (which is usually around 8:45) I take a long bath and have some dinner and maybe read a book. It really helps to just wind down, relax, and not think about work! I had to change jobs because my first one was HELLACIOUS. It was only ten minutes away, but I was miserable. I decided to take a job an hour or so away because that's where I worked before and I knew everyone and loved it there. Fortunately when my husband graduates pharmacy school next may we can move closer (YEA!). So I decided to just pay my dues and take the hour drive where I'm happy... its so worth it... But its hard at times, esp. when you're so tired! But anyways, definitely winding down after work helps. Just to get your mind off of the day and to relax helps me tons...

    Good luck with work!!