They threw me to the wolves!!

  1. I am a new grad and I just got my license in October. I want to get out there and work so badly that I took the first position offered to me. What a BIG mistake. This facility is doing so many things that I know are wrong and they are basically training me to do those things also. I would never do some of the things that I've been taught, but I believe if you are training a brand new nurse, you should show her the right things to do so she/he won't become a creature of habit. This place is always short staffed and most of the employees-nurses and nurse techs are working overtime basically 7 days a week for up to 16 hours. They wanted me to work on the floor alone after my second day of training. I should have known then that this is not the place for me. I complained to the assistant DON with no resolve. Following chain of command I contacted the DON and she said she would not do me like that. Yesterday after my 4th day of training, the staff coordinator called me and told me that I would be working today. I said fine because I was supposed to be receiving more training with a mentor. She said no, you're working a different shift, 3-11, and you are on your own. I told her that I was not yet confident enough to work on my own. To make this long story short, I am not going to work there anymore. They do not care about their employees, they just want a body there to "take care" of the patients (and not so great care at that). I was applauded on my second day because I walked a patient to the restroom. They don't think RNs should do that, but I feel (and I know I'm a new grad so I may be a little more helpful than seasoned RNs) that this is what nursing is about, helping people. I will not work somewhere where I know my license is in jeopardy. I don't want to let my family down (I mean it is Christmas time) but what would I do if I lost my license? I certainly could not work as a nurse and all the time and money I spent for nursing school would be wasted. NURSING IS HARD ALREADY!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Kudos to you for realizing it's not the place for you to be. Good luck on finding something better.
  4. by   JentheRN05
    Great job, use your gut and feel out the situation. Do NOT allow anyone to talk you out of required orientation. It is not right. It is hard to leave a job, especially this time of year. But the thing is, would you have made it through this time of year without losing your license? That's always something important to remember. This time of year will come around every year, but you only have one license - protect it with your life.
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    Good for you. Jen is right. Your license is forever! Good luck with everything and I hope you find something better.
  6. by   linzz
    I just left my first job for this reason. I was given 3 days of orientation as a new LPN in a suppossed retirement facility that really housed 75 residents, and 50% of them were really LTC type of residents. So I was left alone with no other nurse after 3 days. The first night alone, a lady on plavix got a nose bleed and it took me an hour to get the bleeding stopped and her settled down, I thought for sure that she was going to need to be sent out for packing or cauterizing. The second night a resident fell and broke her arm and to make matters worse, the aide came to get me after she had tried to move this lady. I then took vitals, did an assessment and decided that it was likely that this lady should go out. (Keep in mind, I am new and have never sent anyone out to hospital). The next nurse coming on at nights who was an RN, came on about 10 minutes after the fall and I had her confirm with me that this lady should indeed be sent to the hospital. According to the other nurses, nights are usually quiet. I decided that these events were meant to happen early on so I would realize exactly what I was getting into. I decided that I am gone. I don't have the experience or the desire to care for that many residents. I guess I will keep my licence for now.