Suggestions for what to do during this gap in between classes

  1. I'm in my last year in the nursing program. The first 8 weeks of this semester were jam-packed with classes & clinicals . It was nuts, but I made it . The flip side of this is, is that right now, I have 1 day of class a week until January 12th. One day for 5 hours. And I had to quit working in order to keep up with my classes last year, so I am sitting on a ton of down time here.

    I would so appreciate some suggestions...what would you guys do with this time? Start preparing for NCLEX? Go into the lab & practice my skills? It's gonna be crazy-busy again once classes start up in January, so I'd love to do something right now to prepare for that. I've contacted one of my instructors for a class I'm taking in January, & she gave me a heads up on the first couple of units that are going to be covered, so I can study ahead...I'm thinking of asking one of my clinical instructors if I could contact one of our hospitals to shadow a nurse for day or two...does anyone think that would even be a possibility? Maybe I'll even go back to my old job to see if I can shadow a co-worker of mine around for the day...I have a feeling my old nurse manager wouldn't let that happen d/t HIPPA laws, though.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   chenoaspirit
    Your ideas sound great. I know its alittle late for a response, but I would definitely be studying for your next semester and your Boards. You can never study too much.
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    How about getting an externship/internship at a hospital for experience.

    Excercise! It's so good for your body: relieves stress, increases your concentration for those long study nights, keeps you and some friends from school would get together and play tennis! It was so much fun!

    I wouldn't worry too far ahead because you can bogg yourself down with too much study material. Focus on your class material firsthand and review previous material, etc. but don't try to take on a bunch of new material. That's just my personal advice.

    Also, volunteering your time ANYWHERE is a great way to help you out if you decide to further your degree...and its a good habit to have in general

    Make sure you do something fun each week that is not nursing related and good for your spirit...a YOU day!
  5. by   RNfromMN
    Thanks for the advice you guys...sorry it took me awhile to respond - I didn't get notified of any posts for whatever reason.

    Soldierswife, you have re-inspired me to start working out again. That was actually my only plan for my time off, then recently I fell into a slump again. Car's gotta go into the shop tomorrow, but if I get it back early enough, it's off to the gym I go!

    Thanks again!