Sharp New Grad Residency 2018

  1. Hey Everyone! just wanted to get a page started where we can help each other out while we wait to hear back from Sharp! Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   Ed91
    Hey! I see it's the same people who applied to Scripps. Haha! What unit did you apply to? I was bummed we could only pick one. I applied to the neuro pcu at grossmont.
  4. by   Edanz29
    Hi!!! I applied to ED at Sharp memorial. I was bummed that we could only picked one too :/ I hope I made the right call.
  5. by   NurseNat17
    Yup didnt get a scripps interview lol. I applied to PCU and I specifically talked about wanting to work on transplant
  6. by   Ed91
    Did you apply to the pcu residency at memorial?
  7. by   NurseNat17
    Quote from Ed91
    Did you apply to the pcu residency at memorial?
    Yes Memorial**
  8. by   Ed91
    how long do you think til we hear back? I applied last round but never heard anything so not sure what the time frame is.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Move to first year after nursing licensure forum
  10. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    I just applied! I had a hard time picking the one unit to apply to.
  11. by   Sewells09
    Hello!!l I applied to the PCU at Memorial and denied from Scripps
  12. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    I applied to 4E at Grossmont
  13. by   NurseNat17
    I talked to HR and they said we should hear by "November or December (before the Christmas and New Year's holidays)" very vague lol
  14. by   chocolatebuns
    Applied to PCU at Memorial as well (: