Sharp New Grad Residency 2018 - page 7

Hey Everyone! just wanted to get a page started where we can help each other out while we wait to hear back from Sharp! Good luck to everyone!:)... Read More

  1. by   NurseNat17
    I just got an email for an interview from sharp memorial so everyone check your emails! I wish you all luck
  2. by   RN&RDH
    I also received an email for an interview with Sharp Memorial PCU!!
  3. by   onebeatrn262
    Thank you for your update. May i ask where are you mostly located? I wonder if SD address will make a difference. Thank yoU!
  4. by   Edanz29
    Nvm my status changed to No Longer Under Consideration... good luck everyone
  5. by   RN&RDH
    I'm in North County San Diego. I have a BSN. Never did clincials there, but did do an externship in a PCU.
  6. by   chocolatebuns
    Still no word from memorial pcu but status still says under consideration..i wonder if they've sent out all emails already
  7. by   Heather22RN
    For those of you who have interviews. When are you interviewing
  8. by   NurseNat17
    Quote from Heather22RN
    For those of you who have interviews. When are you interviewing
    Mid DEcember
  9. by   dabear68
    Also interviewing with Sharp Memorial PCU panel in mid-December! Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear!! I don't think all of the units have responded yet...
  10. by   Sewells09
    I received an email for interview for three Sharp Memorial PCU units 4west, 6 west and 7 west also scheduled in December on frost street.

    Did anyone get an email about an Evite from Diane this morning? It doesn't' look like it came through...unless she was just forwarding the same email from the original invitation to interview...
  11. by   Heather22RN
    Anyone interview at memorial today ???
  12. by   onebeatrn262
    Anyone heard from PCU Sharp Grossmont? THank you!
  13. by   fpmsa14
    Has Grossmont made any descisions yet?