Sharp New Grad Residency 2018 - page 3

Hey Everyone! just wanted to get a page started where we can help each other out while we wait to hear back from Sharp! Good luck to everyone!:)... Read More

  1. by   PinkEagle
    Quote from Gamageck
    @pinkEagle Hey I just moved from DC area too! I dont know how true it is, but it seemed to me they barely look at people with addresses so far away. It is alot of peoples dream to move out to cali so I feel like they do not take cross county applicants seriously. (i could be wrong) but as soon as I put a San Diego address out there I started getting feedback. I used a friends address as soon as I figured out my MD address was holding me back and I ended up with two interviews! Good luck hopefully they dont hold the DC address against you but just in case for next time maybe borrow a friend or family members address out here!
    WHAT!!!! I really hope that they are not biased against out of state applicants! I have no family or friends in Cali so I can't just move there for the sake of having a "San Diego address" without a job. Cali's way too expensive to do that. We'll see how it goes!
  2. by   Gamageck
    @pinkeagle Hopefully it isnt the case, that was just my experience with living so far away, I didnt know anyone out here either. I used a friends friends cousins address haha. But it ended up working- crazy. Good luck!! Love to have more DC peeps!
  3. by   Edanz29
    I found a job as an RN but doesn't count as acute experience. I needed something for now since this wait to get in a Hospital is way too long...
  4. by   Salsacat
    Anyone gotten "referred to hiring manager" on your online status yet?
  5. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    Mine just says "under consideration" as of October 27.
  6. by   junepearl
    Under consideration too as of Nov 7
  7. by   NurseNat17
    mine says "under consideration" as of nov 7 too!
  8. by   jewels08
    Mine now says "Under consideration" with Nov 7, before it was the same status but with 10/25 the day I applied

    Maybe this just means they are reviewing our applications?
  9. by   jewels08
    Quote from Salsacat
    Anyone gotten "referred to hiring manager" on your online status yet?
    Did you get that status?
  10. by   Salsacat
    No, I didn't. Mine was "under consideration" on the day I applied, and then updated again on Nov. 1 to the same thing, "under consideration." I was just wondering if they had started to post the next step yet.
  11. by   junepearl
    Mine still says under consideration. But I just received an email today for an invitation to self-identify. I don't remember if I did it when I applied but when I clicked on the link, it says page cannot be displayed. Does anyone else have the same thing?
  12. by   junepearl
    We will hear from them on or before Nov 30 via email if we move forward.
  13. by   Muphy
    Did anyone get the email to fill out the equal employment opportunity record keeping information from them? When I click on the link it leads me to nowhere.