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Hey Everyone! just wanted to get a page started where we can help each other out while we wait to hear back from Sharp! Good luck to everyone!:)... Read More

  1. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    I applied on October 27, I then received an email to self identify November 10, On December 7 I got a phone call asking if I am still interested and to schedule an interview. I interviewed December 11, then got a call December 15 offering me a position. The reference check email came December 15 after I verbally accepted the position with the Department manager. The background check took a few weeks (my references all filled out within a day) and I got an official written offer letter January 12th and did my physical and drug screen with employee health January 19th. I start on March 12
  2. by   kels23
    Thank you so much! Do you know or mind telling what their offering for starting pay for the new grads?
  3. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    $42.30 is what I was offered
  4. by   kels23
    Thank you! Any interview tips?
  5. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    Just be yourself! I was lucky and only had to interview one on one with the department manager.
  6. by   kels23
    Thanks! What hospital and department were you hired for?
  7. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    Sharp Grossmont PCU
  8. by   RN&RDH
    Quote from kels23
    I just applied for the residency program that starts in the summer. For everyone who applied in fall can you tell me the date you applied and then the date you got confirmation of interview date of interview and then if anyone has gotten an offer when you got that? I am just looking for a timeline of how long the process takes from them from application to offer.
    Applied on 10/27, received an invite to pick my top units on 11/16, received an email for interview on 11/24. Interview scheduled for 12/12. Good luck! I'll give you some tips on their interview process when the time comes.
  9. by   kels23
    Thank you!
  10. by   NJH2018
    Has anyone gotten hired at Sharp Grossmont 2 East also?
  11. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    Quote from NJH2018
    Has anyone gotten hired at Sharp Grossmont 2 East also?
    I'm 4E
  12. by   NJH2018
    @IMGrizzleRNBSN Nice to meet you, maybe we'll be at orientation
  13. by   NJH2018