1. Anybody else have senioritis? I know I HAVE IT BAD! Let me know what tricks you are using to overcome it.
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  3. by   MeeBeeC
    Quote from nurse1day
    Anybody else have senioritis? I know I HAVE IT BAD! Let me know what tricks you are using to overcome it.
    Can I relate ! I am graduating in May and the closer the end comes the longer it feels like its taking. What keeps me motivated is looking around me in class and at clinicl. What I see are 5 other students who developed senioritis just like me and failed, they are now repeating the course. This has been a great motivator for me. All of my hard work is worth pushing myself for a few more weeks.- I hope this helps. Good luck and congrats on reaching the end. Maria.
  4. by   shirleyTX
    Well I graduate April 22 and what keeps me going is the fact that next week I'm going shoppign with my fellow nursing students for our graduation dresses, having a massage the day before graduation and started tanning to relax. I dont know about yall, but I've been rough through nursing school and it's nice to get back to being a female that cared about her looks. Might sound alittle superficial, but with a husband and 3 year old, "me" time gets pushed to the back, so this is a great way to end my senior year.
    Go have a relaxing day and treat yourself, cause YOU"VE earned IT.
    Take care and best wishes,
  5. by   angelladyclaire
    I'm finding it hard to care about my grades at this point... Sadly, all I want to do is pass my classes. I graduate May 13th, and although I know it will come quickly, it seems like its forever away. I think my problem is that I've already got a job squared away, so i feel like i don't have to impress anyone. I just can't wait until it's all over!!!!!!!!! :roll

  6. by   grinnurse
    I am in the same boat as ya'll!! I am so sick of studying, paperwork, instructors................. Definately ready to get to May 13th and get on with it . My kids have kept me motivated these last few weeks as well as the thought that I do NOT want to have to ever do this again!! I keep telling myself "Just a little bit longer, hold on, you will be there soon!".

    We need to all hang on for just a bit longer :wink2: then we can

    Good Luck to everyone--we will survive!!
  7. by   porterwoman
    Yepper. May 7th, baby. Metabolic test? WHO CARES!?!?
    Rebecca the porterwoman with an inflamed senior
  8. by   bonjovigirl
    The only way I can keep myself at all motivated to go to school every day ( i graduate in May) is to not think about it. I have a job lined up already, so I am just plunking along, trying not to think AT ALL about graduating.

    It doesn't really work.
  9. by   HappyNurse2005
    I look at my signature line. Look-just today, I have only 8 days of class/clinical left! My final is in 3 weeks! Although it FEELS like forever, just seeing it written down that it is happening soooo soon, that helps.