Scripps New Grad May/August 2018

  1. I applied on Monday when it first opened. Just wanted to see how everyone else is doing with their application so far my status says it's been received.
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  3. by   Newgrad2018
    My status changed to under review yesterday!
  4. by   2018newgrad
    My status changed also to "Under Review"!
  5. by   shuTTer99
    Mine has been under review since Jan 26th, and I applied on Jan 22rd. Did anyone's status changed or have heard anything yet?
  6. by   ZNEWGRAD2018
    My status is still 'submission received' last updated January 22, which is the same day that I applied. Hopefully my status changes this week.
  7. by   windywind
    My status changed to Under Hiring Manager Review on Friday
  8. by   CAStudent213
    My application status also changed to Hiring Manager Review. Hopefully, we hear about interviews soon.
  9. by   RN2018hhh
    I got an email for an interview this morning!!
  10. by   2018newgrad
    Quote from RN2018hhh
    I got an email for an interview this morning!!
    Awesome! Which hospital/unit?
  11. by   shuTTer99
    @RN2018hhh, yayyy congrats! what was the timeline for you? When did you apply and when did your app change to under review?
  12. by   A.Nursing21
    Congrats to those receiving interviews, etc! On a side note, where all has everyone applied? Coming from out of state and struggling-- could use some direction!! Thanks
  13. by   LoveLandD
    Mine still says "Under Review" and hoping it changes soon!!
  14. by   RN2018hhh
    I applied the first day it opened. It changed to under review late last week I think.