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I'm starting my nursing program on Jan.25th, and i'm really, really excited. Ever since I can remember I've always dreamed about being a nurse. I'm a medical assitant at a cardiologist office and I... Read More

  1. by   xtxrn
    If they don't produce it on their own, eventually you have to go get it It's no fun to change poopy diapers on anyone- but digging for gold really bites the big one. Tell yourself the patient is doing you a favor by not ending up impacted...the dreaded disimpaction is very painful for them- and a miserable task for the nurse.
  2. by   mslove
    It's okay to be scared or scared that you'll be grossed out! Your whole life you've been conditioned to think that other people's poop is gross and now you're thrown into it (haha that's kinda a pun!)

    At my clinical at a long term care facility on a dementia floor last semester, I was a little nervous about the poop. Not about poop in general but about the smell and if I'd embarrass myself. I know I sometimes have a gag issue.

    Well the first time I had to change a diaper, I was fine! The second time...not so much. My resident had a BM while another student was helping me turn the res in bed. Thank god she was there! I was already feeling a little nauseous that morning (i have no idea why, just one of those things. I just was not feeling that well myself). Anyway, it was a VERY large BM and had a very strong odor. As I was wiping, I couldn't help it and started gagging. I had no control, it was just my body's automatic response. My fellow classmate works in a group home and has experience and said don't worry she'll help and she took over. I felt dumb and really embarrassed at the time but she was so nice about it, i felt better. I was so glad it happened in front of her though, and wasn't a public thing or I would have really felt embarrassed. About 1/2 hour later he had another BM and this time I was FINE! I wiped and changed him myself, in front of my clinical instructor too. I have no idea what the first time was about! I was fine any other time after that as well.

    And I don't know if it's just me, but changing an adult diaper is nothing like changing a baby's to me. It's like changing an adult diaper. What I mean by that is just a totally different experience!
  3. by   SweetseRN
    It's funny because poop used to be my worst fear. I have found that there are much worse things than a lil poopy lol.
  4. by   Staragate
    I saw this poem and thought of this thread.
  5. by   suzimarie
    how do i obtain the vomiting happy it
  6. by   bubblejet50
    Random fact for anyone who has issues with poop (this method has been found to be true after I have tried it!) If you smile you cant gag. Simple as that! It honestly works