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To recent new grads: I'm trying to get some idea of what my hubby will be facing when he graduates with his ASN this Fall. If you could kindly respond with the approximate dates you graduated, took... Read More

  1. by   muesli
    Thanks for all your replies! So there is hope! I forgot to ask where everyone is located... I think there are differences depending on where you live. It seems all but impossible for a new grad in Mass. to get a job these days.
  2. by   bjz823
    I can not find anyone that is hiring. I have applied all over. Some seem interested but say there is no openings and they do not want to hire a new nurse per diem. I might sell the fact that I have been a CNA for many years in all sorts of settings. That is not nursing but I might have an edge over someone new to nursing all together. I am getting discouraged. My student loans are about to come due and I need more money.
  3. by   RNMariposa
    I took my boards Dec 08 and I started looking for a job in Jan 09. I still have yet to find a full time position. Currently I am working per diem at a residential facility that is both a school and a hospital. I started there end of April. I like it but I wish it was full time.
  4. by   chicookie
    Finished school in Aug. Took boards in Sept and December. One month and 4 interviews later I had my first gig.
  5. by   swirlything
    I live in Central Florida. I am finishing my practicum now and will graduate mid June. I have applied to 5 hospitals. I got only one interview, and that interview got me the job. I start as soon as I have my ATT in hand. Several of my friends have not even been able to get interviews.
  6. by   kwong30
    Looked into positions early in April/May 08. Interviewed in June 08 and got job offer 2 weeks later via a phone call from HR. Received NCLEX results in July 08 and officially employed in Aug. And I have been working since...
  7. by   MB37
    I graduated Aug 2008. Had one phone interview before graduation and was not called back. Interviewed at my current job a few days after gradaution and was hired. I accepted it, as it was my first choice, and called to cancel the two other interviews I had set up for the following week. I took NCLEX in Sept and started work in Oct (had to wait until the next training class). I too live in FL.
  8. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    Why was your job canceled 15 mins into first shift?
    The DON said they couldn't afford another orientee, then sent me home.
  9. by   carolina4
    I graduated last week. Started applying in early Feb. and had 1 interview at the spot i REALLY wanted to go...after literally 3 months of basically harrassing them I got offered the job 2 days ago in the surgical trauma burn ICU. I am very greatful though b/c it's not easy right now for new grads, period.
  10. by   86toronado
    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    The DON said they couldn't afford another orientee, then sent me home.

    I graduated last week, am awaiting my ATT. Hoping to take the boards before I begin my job on June 8th...
    I started applying for jobs back in January, got my dream job (12 hour nights, neuro ICU) in February.
  11. by   carolina4
    p.s. im in virginia
  12. by   beat2beat
    I graduated end of January 09', took boards in mid-March, and still haven't found anythinge except per diem at drug treatment facility. Hope it turns into full time though. It is right up my alley.
  13. by   singas0ng

    I graduated Dec 2008, took my boards in February and was offered a job at the end of May.