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My husband just fussed at me for "always sleeping". I work a FT job that is 5 eight hour shifts WITH and hour drive each way. I work 3-11. I have to get the kids up to go to school b/c he works... Read More

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    I am not going to flame you! I have thought about that at times. I am still considered a new grad and applying for those positions. I am hoping that with experience in a field I want to go into, it might be an asset as a new grad.

    I think part of the problem is that in any marriage where you don't spend enough time together-you just grow apart and get used to not having the other around. I am not ready to give up, but am old enough to know when to quit something that is toxic.
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    Sorry, but corporate America has brought this on. It takes 2-3 incomes just to buy groceries, pay rent and utilities. I do not even have a student loans. I cannot imagine how others are doing this. Many people are trying to just keep their heads above water and the stress is killing families. If you want to flame me, feel free, you have not walked in my shoes!
    I was thinking along these lines this morning. I heard a radio story about volunteers helping organize a school library. It was "a mess" because the librarian position was axed due to budget cuts. Then I thought about corporate CEO's, wall street traders, and money managers raking in literally millions in annual "bonuses" and stock options while average Americans work harder and harder for less and less of the pie. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

    As to how it affects nurses, I am a newbie, but I've been wondering why most "full time" nursing jobs are now 36 hours a week instead of 40, like most full time jobs. Eight hours less per pay period is a significant reduction in pay when factored over a month or a year and more. Is there a good reason for this? Is this what nurses wanted, so they could spend more time with their families? (And same reason for the 12 hour day?). I've always been curious about how all that got started. It seems like a ploy to cut hours (and budgets) without cutting positions...?? I did hear that the 12 hours day means more continuity of staff for patients and might be more efficient for the operation of the unit. What do other folks think about this??

    Hope I didn't drift too far off the OP's topic!
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    I think 12 hour shifts got started for many reasons.. One shortage of nurses...attracted many that wanted to work 3 days instead of 5!! Also no one would stay long on the 3-11 shift so there...eliminate that problem!! Cut back in OT ..u betcha...the hospitals saved money..and guess what..if they needed you and extra day...hey 4 days is still not impossible for some of us!! I wish I did 10 hour shifts personally but that is my future plan.., 4 ten hour shifts...someday..somewhere!! Off every Fri Sat Sun or alternate the days off(this is not a staff position) A girl can dream and I do know nurses working this schedule.. yep no weekends no holidays...great pay but they had skills /experience and are one of the lucky ones!!