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SO I started a new job two weeks ago, in a long term acute setting. first week, lots of confusion, but did what I could , paid attention and followed preceptor. second week, Im taking two pts.,... Read More

  1. by   cherilee
    This is what transpired today

    I was given two patients. I independently documented, gave meds, processed orders gave report to interdisc. team.\

    the preceptor was nice to me all day , explaining things, etc. much more so than she had been.

    At the end of the day, We had a meeting, the manager, practice leader,and preceptor...

    the preceptor said"I still dont feelcomft. giving her three patients"
    She mentioned how I forgot where antibiotics are kept. {There are four places where meds are kept, and I gave two antibiotics my first week, yes, I did forget.

    I didnt ask the nurse before I lifted someones head up in the chair that was on a tube feeding. and the first week, someone was to be a hoyer lift, and I looked at the board and saw partial weight bearing and almost tried to get the pt. up.yes, I made these mistakes.

    She did mention that I gave meds, and gave report ok, thats about it.
    The practice leader told me I seem to be going in a circular motion and that asking too many questions is an indicator that Im not
    "coming along". The preceptor also mentioned that the last orientee was on her own in three days.

    I said Im definately making progress and coming along. the practice leader said "someone with SUPPOSEDLY one year med surg experience should not have trouble with iv pumps. I explained that im fine now with the pumps. I just feel like Im constantly defending myself. this sucks. The manager seems to side with them, speaking down tome, etc. I just am not motivated to fight. They seem to want someone who is willing to go on minimal training. Thats not gonna happen with me.

    I cant leave the job, I have bills! What do you do if you get fired??
    It seems like Im just not accepted here.
  2. by   caliotter3
    You ask what to do if you get fired? You get another job. In anticipation of that happening, which looks very likely, follow up on the other job applications you had in the works when you accepted this job. Or start a new search. It seems from your description, that it won't be long until you are asked to leave if you can't find a way to fit in before that happpens.

    You even state yourself that you are not very motivated to fight to keep the job. I don't think this is a very good attitude. This may be the only job opportunity for you at the present. Do your best to keep the job until you find one that you want to switch to. Go on your own terms.

    Did your supervisors state anything about a plan of action to bring you up to par? If not, I suggest you devise one on your own. That shows initiative and that you care about their concerns. Write down each of their criticisms, then come up with a way to remedy your shortcoming, and then separately, on a piece of paper, write down the instances where you have acted to correct the deficiency. When it is time for your next meeting, bring this plan and your record with you and present it to them in your defense. It will be harder for them to criticize you if you can give instances where you are improving. Good luck and I hope that you at least keep this job long enough to find a better situation.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I forgot to add. Prepare yourself mentally this coming weekend, and next Monday, go to work and request three patients. That would be another plus on your side. Be proactive.
  4. by   cherilee
    thank you for your suggestions, Ill take them
  5. by   Poochee
    Wow, I've been in your shoes.
    I was just abt the only person of my ethnicity to work, my shift.
    I got through orientation (not in a hospital).
    But when it came to the regular shifts. They ALL would go to lunch together, sit at the same table. I'd be working like a dog.
    It takes more than orientation, to find that routine that works, down to a niche.
    I never got a lunch or potty break.
    No one asked if they could help.
    The day shift was down right awful during report.
    Often pointing fingers at this and that, things that really had insignificant relevance.
    I repeatedly went to the DON, several times.
    I was not intimidated, I had sufficient funds to leave, if necessary. She did nothing. Eventually, I got another job, and gave notice.
    Oh, they begged me to stay, we'll make you a desk nurse, you can be the wound care nurse.
    I said no, no and no. When I had something to say, it was not important to you then, it's surely much too late now!!
    Other ppl, were leaving as well, even ppl in that same ethnic group.
    It's really sad, how a few bad apples, can ruin a good orchard.

    Best way to break ice, bring in food.
    Best of luck to you.