Nursing skills test apart of Job application process

  1. I applied for a job and the HR department called me back stating I need to take the computer nursing skills test to complete my application process. Sorta kinda of freaking out. I applied to Med surg and he said it would med surg skills and pharm. Anybody ever take this? I can take it was many times as I want and as often as I need to inorder to pass it. Personally, just want to pass it on the 1st time so they can forward my application to the unit manager. I take it today at 4:30pmEST any thoughts? Any others?
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  3. by   noski
    i guess u must have taken the test by now, how did it go?
  4. by   Five&Two Will Do
    I had to pass an NLN medication administration test where I work. No nursing skills check off though. Did you pass?
  5. by   caryrey02
    I had three different exams before I got hired @ my job including an EKG exam =) I am almost out of orientation now
  6. by   noski
    Quote from caryrey02
    I had three different exams before I got hired @ my job including an EKG exam =) I am almost out of orientation now
    If i may ask, what kind of exams? and the ekg exam, was it for certification?
  7. by   missmun52
    I had to take a med test as part of my orientation but You had three tries to pass it. It was medications and dosage calculations. orientation also includes doing a head to toe assessment and medication administration in front of a nurse educator as well as some other exams.......
  8. by   TinFL
    So I took the test on a thursday and they called my at 9am friday saying I passed. Then about 10 mins later the unit manager called and asked when I could interview. WOW! Fast! I interviewed that day and got the job. I am working Med Surg PRN. I do have nursing orientation and time with a preceptor. I am cool with the PRN job, my hubby carries the insurance. So this is my foot in the door. The unit supervisor also told me that I could apply for a full time position in 90days and that if one comes up, PRN RN's are offered them first. I am just happy to get this first dreaded "1 year min of med surg experience" out of the way. The test was like taking the NCLEX all over again. It was 54 questions on just med surg and another 54 questions on medication. The unit supervisor said they have a test for every speacilty, so if I go L&D, i'll have to take another one.
  9. by   ICUSkeenRN
    Pretty normal for hospitals to require testing. I tested EKG, Pharmacology, and a Critical Care test. You will be fine.
  10. by   hungryforhummus
    Hi ICUSkeenRN,

    can you tell me more about the critical care test you took? what kinds of things were on the test?
  11. by   cahernandez
    I have to take an exam for med-surg job as well. Where can I find a practice test? its been a couple of years not working as a nurse due to military deployments.