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I realized today that nursing school taught me about 1 /100000 of what I need to know to be the nurse that I want to be. I left feeling inadequate today. I know it'll take time but I sure wish I... Read More

  1. by   Imafloat
    Quote from wkucu1
    Does anyone on here know the starting salaries for new nurses in Nashville, TN???

    I graduate in May and the hospital I am looking at starts @ $ that normal???
    You might get better response if you ask at the TN forum.
  2. by   Lilnurse0803
    Hello All,

    I do not have any new nurse woes yet since I have not started my first job as a nurse. I am in the midst of the hiring process for a job in an L&D unit in a teaching hospital in NYC and I wanted some advice, tips, etc. for nurses who are in their first year on a L&D unit. What can I expect? Anything I should do to better prepare myself?

    Thanks and best of luck to all. You will make it past your first year.
  3. by   Imafloat
    Congrats on passing your NCLEX Melita!

    I am not on L&D but I think that we all just need to be kind to ourselves, learn from ours and others mistakes and realize that there is a steep learning curve.