New grad RN base rate in NEVADA - las vegas???

  1. Just passed NCLEX - RN boards. I need help ASAP re nevada RN base rate for new graduate? (I need to submit my application) Any idea? Thanks.
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  3. by   kharing
    Here's a link to search in Nevada:

    All Nevada Hospital Openings and Hospital Jobs
  4. by   elladeedoy
    thank you. i'll check it out.
  5. by   Paleobug
    I started a month ago in Vegas. My starting salary is 23.38/hr. There is also shift differentials. If you work nights, it's an extra $2.00, weekends is an extra $1.00. If you work all three weekend days, you get paid for 40 hours.

    I wouldn't advise working at Valley or Desert Springs. The nurses there were trying to strike, and I've heard terrible things from agency nurses who have worked at Valley.
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  6. by   elladeedoy
    i hope you don't mind, what area are you working? is it a special area? also, are you a new grad? thank you again for your input.
  7. by   Paleobug
    I graduated last May, and I started working last month on a med/surg floor. So far, the management is supportive and most of the other nurses are too. I have a great preceptor. That makes a big difference. I have to do 2 years with this hospital because they paid my nursing school tuition and other fees. I don't know if I want to stay with this type of nursing, but it is a good foundation.
  8. by   czanialee
    hi..i passed the nclex rn recently and now i'm looking for a job here in las vegas. hmm, could i ask if you know any rn new grad jobs?