NEW GRAD NURSE- Fired after probationary period :(--please help

  1. I just found out I was fired from my first nursing job. I am broken hearted and feel like crying.

    These were the three things I was "dinged" on:

    1. feeding pump issue: feeding pump not working. I troubleshooted it from every possible angle and it still wasn't working. I was concerned that there was a blockage in the JT. I considered that perhaps the JT would need to be completely replaced. I made the mistake of askiing the client's mother for help instead of calling the agency.

    2. Feeding pump issue #2. Had a busy morning. Forgot to turn on client's feediing pump when she left for school. Client went without her feeding for four hours until they realized at school it was off.

    3. Oral care: client's mother complained that oral care wasn't being done properly. There is no question I was brushing the client's teeth regularly, and well!?

    I like to think that when a door closes, another one opens,...but this has me worried. I have my bills and rent like everyone else...I do have another job but I have applications out hat already that state that I currently work for this fact two interviews coming up that were really important to what do I tell them when they ask "how is this job with Company X coming along"? I feel horrible right now and don't know what to do.
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    I'm, sorry this has happened. This makes a very good argument for why new grads belong in the hospital under the tutaledge of an old seasoned nurse preceptor and not out doing home health care agencies on their own. It's too bad the PTB in the nursing world don't see it that way and want to blame and rationize it on fictious "money problems"/downturn economy/ medicare cuts or what ever strikes their fancy this week, in the healthcare industry- they can afford to pay CEO man/woman big bucks but they can't afford to hire new grads to get that instruction and experience and old experienced nurses to give that instruction and experience. JMHO
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    thank you I am somewhat encouraged...for a while there I was feeling awful. I talked to a well seasoned nurse where I worked as a tech and she stated, "wow, you're brave". I asked "why?" "Well" she said, "because you're working independently. anything can happen, you know." I responded, "oh, we get lots of support. we can call the agency if we need to, we can ask the family, etc." I mean at the time it seemed like a piece of cake, really. I made some dumb mistakes that could have easily been prevented, looking back. it makes me look and feel like a total idiot and I should have known better....should have called the agency for #1 and should have done a QA and called the agency for #2 as soon as I found out.,,,it just didn't even occur to me at the time, and I certainly wasn't trying to cover it up.

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    Agree - that a more supportive environment is needed for new grads. Home health isn't for new grads. Although an agency will tell you to call with any questions, practically that doesn't work well.

    Hopefully the other interviews/positions will provide you with more support. I know its tough for new grads at the moment.
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    Help! Had my first job on psych unit and failed orientation. Then they let me precept with someone on a med surge floor for 2 weeks. The preceptor told them I did well. However, after that two weeks was up they told me they were hiring on that floor but I would have to apply and interview for the job. Being new back into the working world, I guess I am not so polished with interviews. HR e-mailed me and said "now that you have interviewed for this unit, call me and we can determine the next steps. So I did. They said they thought I would have a hard time keeping up on med surge floor and basically said I sucked at the interview. They had me resign. I feel like such a loser. However, I imediately applied at a nursing home, got interviewed and am starting next week. I dont think I want to stay ina nursing home, dont want med surge....would like to work for a gastroenterologist office. Don't know how to get in. I only have an associates 50 years old, newly divorced with a son to raise. Any advice? I have been looking to get certification for gastroent. nurse. (CGRN).. can't seem to find where to take the course..only where to take the test. P.s.. I live in Michigan. Any other ideas on where I could get a nursing job without a bachelors? Please.. I am desparate!!!
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    Sorry you have had such a rough time starting your career. Many new grads begin in LTC. You may actually enjoy it. If so, there are definitely opportunities for career advancement in LTC.

    If you're interested in that specialty, I am sure you already know that you will need 2 years of full-time work in gastroenterology to be eligible for the certification exam. This is a very specific field, so there are limited opportunities. Many GI docs rely on hospital GI labs to do their interventional work. So they do not hire RNs for their office practices. Since you're a single mom, you also need to know that physician office jobs are very low paid.

    If this is really your heart's desire, I would encourage you to go ahead and join SGNA. They have a variety of memberships to make it more affordable. This would put you 'in the loop' as far as continuing education, training opportunities and job availability. Here is their web site... has all details you'll need. SGNA - Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc