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  1. Hey everyone, I am a new grad who just got a first job working in a busy clinic office. The job doesn't call for any of the clinical skills I have learned in nursing school, no IVs, no giving meds, mainly insurance issues, and dealing with surgeons. Is there any advice or good info from any clinic nurses out there or anyone that can make me feel a little more confident about not knowing these skills. Also whats your best and worst situations you've encountered in your position. I suppose I am nervous, if anyone can remember their first job, any bits of encouragement or wisdom?? I appreciate it. Thanks
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  3. by   notthereyet0
    I don't have much advice but to use your observation skills and notice what goes on around you. Do you have a training period? Don't be afraid to ask questions. I am curious to how you found the position? I am looking to get into a situation like you have...switching from bedside to clinic work. Thanks
  4. by   DogWmn
    Time management skills and patient education will be biggies. Will the surgeons be doing any minor procedures in their clinics? Also, you might bone up on wound care management. I'm surprised you would be dealing with insurance issues, usually that's the front office people, they are the ones who know more about insurance.

    I wish you luck, clinic nursing can be very rewarding, a lot will depend on the docs you work with.
  5. by   sillywilly

    I would bring a notepad and take lots of notes. I would find out the Dr's preferences, write them down, and learn them quickly. For instance, I worked at a clinic with 3 doctors and they all wanted their appointments handled differently. There was one Dr who I would actually have to track down and tell him I put his next appt in the room. If I did not physically tell him, he would have no idea someone was waiting in the exam room.

    The other Dr would throw charts around and go off on me if I accidentally told him his appt was ready. He said he was aware of his surroundings and did not need someone telling him something that obvious. The 3rd Dr would get stressed out if he knew he had more than one appt waiting, so per his request we would hide all of his charts and lie to him. We would just say that all his other appts are running late all the time.

    I'm sure anyone would be happy to tell you any quirks the Drs have, or special things they like done. Ask lots of questions and tell everyone to please correct you if your doing something wrong, or could be doing something better. I'm sure after awhile you will catch on to the way the clinic runs. Good luck!
  6. by   ebear
    Just be aware that EVERYTHING you say will get back to the practice manager. Watch your mouth.
  7. by   ECRN143
    Would it be easy to find a hospital job after working in a clinic for a year as a new grad?