NCLEX-PN Jul 14...getting close

  1. :imbar Hello everyone and congrats to everyone who passed!!!!!!!!!!
    Well it's getting closer to my exam date, Jul 14 and I am starting to panic already, feeling as though I haven't studied enough. I have been reading the Mosby's PN review book and trying to do 100 questions a day but it has been hard because I was taking Microbiology for the first summer sessions. Well the class is over now and I am getting thru most of the Mosby's book but still only doing about 100 questions a day after I read. I get so burnt out after or during studying. But I know I have to do what I need to do to if I want to take the PN boards and pass (wondering what its going to be like when I am studying for the RN boards). My friend is telling me that I am spending too much time on the book and less on the questions...Any suggestions? I have always been a person who needs to read and read to feel like I am competent with the material..even though this is just review, if I go in the test with just doing questions I will feel so unprepared. But once again I know it is pretty much either you know it or you don' t when it comes to NCLEX questions. Well sorry so long just needed to talk.



    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    here's wishing you all the best on july 14. i can relate to the increasing anxiety level as i will test one week prior to you, july 7.
  4. by   Ari RN

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  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i see congratulations are in order for you, way to go! thanks for the well wishes.
  6. by   teelaticeNY
    Thanks love-a-nurse and GOOD LUCK to you on the 7th. Doesn't it seems like it is just around the corner?

    Thank you 2 Ari and Congrats!!!!!!!!


    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
  7. by   debblynn13
    I took my Pn boards June 16th and passed them with minimum questions. I used the Mosby review too. I mainly did the questions, because they brought out the items I needed to review. Then I would go back and review that section in the review. By the time I got to the weekend before the test I was questioned/reviewed out. I dreaded even picking that book up. I probably did close to 3000 questions. On the other side of the test....well I'm not exactly sure how good all the questions and reviewing did. Make sure you know your main lab values, main medications and understand prioritization and delegation and you will probably do well. I will also guarentee that you will think you have flunked it when you walk out of there. So far everyone I personally know said that the test stinks...LOL I think that test is the final form of torture for nursing students. If you don't panic and have a nervous breakdown.....they will let you have a license....*snicker*

    Good luck to both of you....
  8. by   teelaticeNY
    Thanks debblynn and Congrats!!!!!!!!!


    "Can't wait til its over Dec 04 RN 2 be"
  9. by   Harrison
    I'm also taking the boards that week, mine are on the 13th. I am doing all that I can to prepare and pass the damn test, but still am anxious. I have take the review class 4 days of painfull lecture, and answering questions at home on numerious CD's and WEB sites. I have also worked as a float nurse tech for the last year at the local hospital. So, I have been exposed to good clinical experences. I did my mentorship in the ER and have taken a residency in critical care.

  10. by   pokey sn
    Good luck!! I have my boards due on July 7th and I'm freakin'! Let's just remember to breath and relax We got through school and I believe that we can do this!! Good luck....Pokey
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    harrison and pokey, all the best to you both! i pray each of us pass as my date is the same as yours, pokey.
  12. by   angel 4
    I know how you feel. I'm nervous too. I take my test July 15. I've been studying Saunders and Delmar NCLEX-PN.