1. Hey I took my test yesterday and I'm so nervous. The computer stopped at 75, but I just don't know how I did. I hope I passed...I've tried to keep my mind off of it, but it's sooo hard! Any advice on distractions???
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  3. by   teelaticeNY
    Go to the movies to see a comedy. Spend sometime with someone you enjoy being with. Take time to relax, since you weren't able to do that during school. Good luck!!! You are just one step closer to being a Nurse.
  4. by   twinRN03
    thanks so roommate and i went to the mall today...wonderful idea b/c it definitely took my mind off of i just have to be patient!
  5. by   debblynn13
    I took the test on wednesday. I am distracting myself by checking Pearsons website several times a day.....just incase they post my results early.....LOL

    My test stopped at the minimum number of questions. I took the NCLEX-PN. I am in the top of my class, but I have no clue how I did on that test. If I didn't pass I might just have to run away.....LOL

    I think I might have to get anxiety meds before I take the RN Level boards..

    Good Luck, from what I see most people pass if they have the minimum number of questions..... I figure I am the exception...

  6. by   short-one61
    Twin, if the computer shut off at 75 questions, and you feel good about it, chances are that you passed. I took my RN boards a week ago, and that dang computer shut off at 75 questions. I thought for sure I failed...but the questions were hard! I passed!!! I found out, actually, the next morning by checking my State Board of Nursing website! It said "passed" at 8:30am the day after I took the test!
  7. by   SaintRN
    I hope you passed. I am also waiting for my results. 75 questions and I felt good about some and bad about others. The questions on the NCLEX were nothing like school, but I was told chances are that if you found it hard, you pass?? Good luck! I'm sure you did great!
  8. by   rainbows4me
    I'm waiting as well - took them Wednesday... should know today!!!

    Thought I was the only one who kept checking the website every hour!!!!:chuckle

    Good luck to everyone who is waiting! Keep us posted!!
  9. by   TLRN71
    Passed with 75- felt REALLY bad about the thing too. So do try to keep busy and not to drive those that love you too crazy (I'm surprised I'm still married after the last two days!!). I also checked the site every hour it seemed- and my husband was actually the one to pull the result off for me while I was in orientation for my new job! Spend some time doing something you enjoy that takes all of your attention and know that alomost EVERYONE does better than they thought they did!

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  10. by   debblynn13
    I passed....*GRIN* I was shaking and crying as I read that wonderful word. I really wasn't sure, that was one nasty test. But I must have answered enough correctly and only remember the ones that I really had no clue about.

    Good luck to all of is possible

    Debblynn :hatparty:
  11. by   rainbows4me
    :hatparty: Congratulations!!!!!! :hatparty:
  12. by   twinRN03
    Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I passed!!! The phone system finally gave me a confirmation number! Thanks for everyone's support!
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