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I have officially come to terms that I am a MAY 2009 OLD GRAD I have applied to over 100 jobs since March of 2009. I have been a licensed RN for 6 months. I have been a CNA for 1.5 yrs at a... Read More

  1. by   jenn8500

    I'm in the same situation.. My student loans kick in next month too and I'm getting desperate. Your lucky you have a waitressing job. I can't even land a job waitressing and I'm guessing its because they see the nursing degree and know I will leave when I find an RN job. I left a $20/hr job in a hospital laboratory to go to nursing school and now I cant get that job back. I've also looked into working as a CNA and no luck there because I don't have a CNA "certificate" god forbid I have a nursing degree. Believe it or not, there aren't many positions for CNA's where I live either..

    I hate to say this, but some days I wish I went to school to be a Laboratory technologist rather than nursing. I really love nursing and I'm glad I followed my dream, but what good is it when it's not even feasible. I feel like its a "dream deferred" right now...

    I try to stay positive, but it gets hard as time goes by. Maybe after going through such a struggle to get a job this experience will make us stronger and better nurses.
  2. by   NewHampshireRN
    A lot of other people have tried the military, but they have few nursing billets especially in Reserves. DOn't forget that it IS a significant commitment (6 years) and not for everyone. You wouldn't want to have to stick out 6 years in it if you can't deal with it.
  3. by   y'allhirin
    are you guys and gals still RNs???
  4. by   greenbeanio
    What do you mean? You don't lose your license just because the job market is bad and nobody is hiring new grads!

    Did you mean are they working as RNs?
  5. by   NewHampshireRN
    You may not lose your license because the job market is bad BUT if you can't find work, then you have to do something else. There are a lot of people who write in to this site who say that they graduated and passed their nclex but are waiting tables or working at the supermarket because they can't get hired anywhere. Anyone who is in nursing school now be forewarned--it's tough out there and it isn't easy. 2-3 years ago nurses were getting any job they wanted and ridiculous bonuses. Now new grad pay has been cut by over $3 per hour and some places aren't paying a differential or are calling nurses out regularly and that's if you're lucky to get a job. I cringe when I hear all these people saying how lucrative nursing is when I think about all the nurses who are underemployed if employed at all.....
  6. by   y'allhirin
    Quote from greenbeanio
    What do you mean? You don't lose your license just because the job market is bad and nobody is hiring new grads!

    Did you mean are they working as RNs?
    lol yeah that question too. but, you will lose your license if you don't take your CE and broke to pay the re-licensure. no wonder why RN's are miserable, nobody is hiring new grads! anyways, good luck y'all.
  7. by   doink
    One advice I can give is that find who is the directors for whatever floor you are applying and go there in person with your resume. The hospital that i work for as a tech does not post most of their jobs online. Time and time again, they tell me that when a new grad comes out of their way to introduce themselves in person, it leaves a good impression in their minds. This is coming from a assistant director at my work that deals with the hiring and has huge stacks of applications coming in every week. It shows that younreally want to work. Couple of my buddies did that and got hired.