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I passed the HESI with a pretty descent score (920) I was told that if you get above 870 you will pass the NCLEX 99 percent of the time. My questions is do I really need to Pay for a review course? I... Read More

  1. by   mah09
    I don't think a review course is necessary unless you are struggling. If you scored well on HESI, you don't need it. I passed 75 questions, used NCLEX 4000 to study. Most importantly, remember your basics/foundation questions - infection control, standard precautions, safety, prioritization. I did a couple thousand questions over several weeks just to get used to the way they ask the questions and what type of answers they want.

    You will do great! You are ready for this!

    During the test remember to breath, your brain needs 02 to think, and you are allowed to take a stretch break (you don't have to wait for the computer to ask you if you want a break!)
  2. by   mancha
    I took Kaplan review, and I loved it I think it was very helpful for me. I took the review that is spread over a 2 week period (I think it is like 4 hrs a day) I was fortunate to have some good instructors which I think can also make a difference. The Kaplan review book you get with the course was easy to read and study to refresh the basics. The Qbank throws almost everything at you it has some good infection questions which I ended up getting on my Nclex. The indiviualized results for each section helped me to see what areas I really needed to concentrate on, then I would customize my exams focusing more on those areas I ended up passing with 75 questions. Best of luck!!!
  3. by   2sc
    I agree with mancha, I did take the Kaplan NCLEX review course and found the instructor to be extremely knowledgable. I learned alot !! The book Kaplan supplies and the Qbank questions kept me on track as far as studying goes . I would definately recommend it . Of course each person learns differently. I took the NCLEX exam last month and had 75 questions on the NCLEX and passed the first time which I am very thankful for. Stay the course and you will do fine ! Best of luck !
  4. by   Eiano
    I passed without a review course.

    I had 3 books (Saunders, Exam Cram and Lippincot) and 6 CDs: NCLEX 3500, 4000, Exam Cram, Saunders, Davis's and Elsevier. I used the CDs more than the books to be honest.:typing It's all about seeing the question and recognizing what it's asking. The rest is about what you've learned/memorized throughout school.
  5. by   panphila
    Thanks everyone! After reading this thread and having already spent time studying at least 1500 questions, I didn't waste any of my money on the expensive reviews out there. Took the test yesterday and saw my RN license number at the state board site today.

    I used the Kaplan review book, Prioritizing book, Illustrated Guide to Nclex-Rn, Mosby and HESI-RN. I did all the review questions for the Illlustrated Guide, and also the Delegating book. I studied Mosby last if I needed more detail. The infection Control page was well done in the Mosby book. I did the HESI RN test twice since they were the most difficult questions I could find. Used the rationals to learn/reinforce content.

    A lot of infection control, and Prioritizing. I also happened to get a disproportionate amount of select all that apply questions. Lost count after 13...I didn't have any calculations, and only 3-4 Pharm.

    Thanks again this thread was very helpful and a BIG anxiety reducer!