I think I met the smartest nurse in the whole world

  1. I was really bummed because our primary Nurse Educator decided to move on to greener pastures and I heard alot of other nurses talking about how boring the new educator was going to be...how she talked over everyone's head and just other general statements like that.

    Well, I just finished with a three day EKG course and the new NE has to be the smartest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
    She was so friendly and you could tell she LOVES to teach. She was extremely intelligent and she knew just the right ways to break down the complicated information into easy to understand terms. In nursing school, we only had about half the rhythms that we learned in this class (for ICU and telemetry nurses). I pretty much memorized everything to pass the test. This lady covered everything, and I did not memorize a thing...she explained it where I understood exactly what was going on so it made rhythm interpretation insanely easy!

    Of course, I will probably be reading EKGs in my sleep.:roll I don't know why the other nurses had anything negative to say about her. I have had a really positive experience and I hope that the others come around. She is a wonderful asset to the Unit.
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    i am glad that you have a good attitude about your new nm...some people are just meant to pass on their knowledge...some can do and they lose patience with those who are learning..

    it is like learning to read and write..only we don't remember not being able to do that, we pick up something and the little whirls and lines make perfect sense