I passed the boards! Also, a bit of advice.

  1. would like to say that i did try the pearsonvue trick, and it did work for me. i took that god forsaken exam wed. and i just knew i failed! it was so hard, i mean really hard! however, i passed! the dreaded "fail" did not appear on that next screen (i could barely push the word next), no, it was the glorious word "pass"! i'd like to take the time to tell all the new grads that the only way to study for this is to review areas you barely remember, know your labs, abc's, and do tons and tons of questions and rationale! just keep doing them. try to remain calm, and don't rush through. when you leave the nclex, you'll probably think you failed. more than likely you've passed, but you'll think otherwise. if you want, to relieve a bit of anxiety try that pearsonvue thing. it helps a bit, but definately doesn't take it all away. congrats to all my fellow new grads on graduating school, and good luck on your boards!!! remember, you can do it! you came this far! if you do fail the exam the first time, don't give up, don't beat yourself up. get up, dust yourself off and try again. :d
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    Congrats, and thanks for passing along your recommendations to folks taking the fun-filled (?) NCLEX.
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