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I graduated in December, and have been working on an inpatient oncology unit since. I DREAD going to work each week. The days I do have off, I'm too tired to enjoy. I'm not overwhelmed or any of the... Read More

  1. by   gpwil3847
    I am at the other end of this career field, spent 20 years in Nursing and yes, I made the wrong career choice. I agree you can try different areas. I found outpatient care tolerable No one is going to die the stress is much lower than 12-19hours of rotating shifts with a high patient volume and acuity with back stabbing coworkers, hours being basically 9-5 Monday through Friday or some variation of that. the patients are mostly ambulatory. Toward the end I picked up a certification in Diabetic Education, though I hate nursing I would return if I could find a job working with an Endocrinologist providing education - it is a dream job and the patients really appreciate the care provided. Unfortunately there are not many jobs out there in my area. I could probably with my masters degree shoot for Nurse Practitioner and then find some providers to work under as their Diabetic Manager but at 53 I may just change careers the medical field does tend to get old after the honeymoon wears off. Of course I recall now that there never was a honeymoon as Nurses eat their young and stepping out of nursing school onto a surgical floor I never knew hell existed on earth, after 6 years, including a move to Medical Surgical floors I moved to Outpatient care - it was like night and day!
  2. by   Lisa1980
    I have been an LPN for 8 years and an RN for 4 months. I work on a med-surg oncology floor and I hate it. I worked in an outpatient oncology office as an LPN and loved it. Working a hospital can drive someone crazy. I feel so incompetent. I hate to go to work everyday, i had 4 weeks orientation on the floor. They thought that was enough since i have been an LPN for so long but it wasn't enough. Trying to change it up... i switched to the night shift. I still hate it. I don't know what to do. I have been in the medical field since for almost 9 years now and I feel like I can't do it anymore.
    I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should do a career change. I just can't afford it, school is exhausting, and i already gave up and missed a lot of family time. They were sacrifices for what?? to be miserable.
    To top it off, I am the only one working, tyring to pay bills, keep the roof over my families head.... I don't like it. I don't want that much responsibility. I'm beyond frustrated. I needed to vent it out. But I need advice!! Stay or change? and If i did change, I don't know anything else. The only thing I know is that Nursing was a mistake for me.

    any advice out there?

    thanks, lisa
  3. by   kdc290
    You're an experienced nurse so I would like to ask a question. At my LTC facility I feel like they don't want to know if something is wrong. I work 3rd. I'm told I should know something is wrong if vitals are off. I feel like I'm risking my license each time I go to work. I mentioned something the other night that wasn't quite right. I mentioned this to my supervisor-she agreed. MD contacted. The unit manager said I'm basically in so many words stupid. Again my supervisor agreed that this should be mentioned to MD. I hate it here. what should I do. The unit manager says we are just looking for trouble if we mention issues. I say the trouble is there already and we should do something before the trouble becomes a mountain.
  4. by   scsunurse85
    Sounds like its time to move on from where your working, let me take a guess there is a lotta this going on when you get off work. I worked in the LTC facilities on 2nd for a few years, 2 as a CNA and 1 as a LPN dont know how I stuck it out that long. But no matter where you go in nursing there is always going to be drama and rough times that's a given I have found out. You dont just have to work just in the inpatient oncology unit but you know this. But if that is where you want to be you just have to find the right kinda of drama you can let slide off your back or maybe try switching shifts. Basically you have to find a place that makes you happy and proud to be a nurse. The good news is that now that you have been a nurse for a year you are an experienced nurse and the range of places you can go has greatly increased. You just have to find your nitch in the nursing field and you will love it all nurses go through rough spots but remember we are all in this together, so hang in there there is light at the end of the tunnel I promise. Take care and I hope you find what your looking for, blessings.
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  5. by   *water*lily*
    just curious, since this message, what did you do? how did you handle things? did youchange employers? thanks! i'm in the same positionm and hearing about other's experiences helps
  6. by   johnnyDoGood
    it's probably not going to get better. you might look into a different aspect of nursing like ER nursing or surgical nursing might be better. or go back to school for Forensic science.
  7. by   eyeball
    Quote from ruby vee
    it's obvious that you aren't cut out for bedside nursing. we're all happy that you're in a private office with a happy stomach, smiley bladder, no dirty work and less patient contact. really, that's where you should be. if you're unable to see the rewards of bedside nursing for the pitfalls, you shouldn't be a bedside nurse. as for respect -- i get plenty of respect from those i work with. perhaps you didn't get any as a bedside nurse because you hadn't earned it yet.
    this post really bothers me and strikes me as unkind and coming from an "eating your young" mentality. not to mention macho. i am in orientation still, it's been very difficult for a 1001 reasons, i am discovering that in spite of it all, i like a lot about nursing. what is emerging is that the greatest difficulty for me is not running my a** off for 12 hours, not poo, pee, vomit, not patients who call me a lot for help, not the smells, not feeling unsure of how to do things. the worst part of nursing is encountering "seasoned" nurses who are mean, unfriendly, and who almost seem to enjoy watching me flounder. it is the worst aspect for me of being a new nurse. thank god, not all seasoned nurses do this but far too many do.
  8. by   misplaced1
    I agree with Eyeball. Ruby Vees post is just plain nasty. If the things she has posted here are truely how she feels I suspect the respect she believes she is getting from new nurses is just plain fear. Many people like to instill fear in others they see as weaker to make them feel superior.

    So the only way one can be "better" in nursing is if they give up the rest of their life and health to it. And for what? I like to help people but, I do not need complements from strangers to feel good about myself.

    All this extreme self sacrifice hits me as incredibly unnecessary and in fact detrimental. Healthy happy people who do not put their backs in jeopardy make better employees AND much better role models for patients trying to take care of their own health. We tell patients to control stress take care of themselves, we need to do the same. Just watch how much money this country would save on health care if we all did that.

    Nurses could be great role models but, many are too busy being martyrs. This is not healthy for nurse or patient. It is called CODEPENDENT. Don't kid yourself, CODEPENDENT is NOT HEALTHY for ANYONE. Even though codependence seems to be encouraged in nursing school. Don't fool yourself, CODEPENDENCE is NOT HEALTHY for ANYONE.

    Herein lies the MAIN problem in nursing. CODEPENDENCE is ENCOURAGED beginning in nursing school. Then it is reinforced by the terrible working conditions one will get "used to" similar to the way that people get used to abuse. "Put others first" "do not be concerned with yourself", taken in the right context these are christian values but they are also values that are encouraged by abusive people and corporations to get you to WORK HARDER FOR THEM WITHOUT CONCERN for YOUR LIFE OR FAMILY.

    And really, how dare anyone question WHY I do a particular job? Its my life and none of your business. To my knowledge nursing is the ONLY job where this is an issue and it is beyond ridiculous. Nursing schools need to start hiring people that are not nurses to teach a course "how to be a professional." Number one on the list is get your nose out of other people's business and focus on your own performance.

    Really it is sickening to have spent alll the time getting a degree in something with this kind of attitude from the other "professionals" in your field. I have decided I will never ever work in a hospital setting unless things are much different then they are now. Soon we will find that nursing jobs are done more and more by mostly unlicensed people anyway, I would bet the farm on it.
  9. by   hunnybaby24
    To quote Ocean's Twelve... " Every problem is an opportunity in disguise."

    Trying to put a good spin on this thread!

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  10. by   bree*
    I mostly just hate other nurses. Some of the most bitter and disgusting people I have ever met in my life. Such a shame.
  11. by   dlatimer
    Kudos to you bree* for being honest, I hope.
  12. by   bree*
    Yes, I'm being completely honest. Other nasty nurses make this field pretty pathetic.
  13. by   selkie
    I am not happy with nursing but my experience is/ has been/ different than Bree's. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've worked with some really wonderful nurses that I respect a great deal. Actually.. that's partly why I went to nursing school- I like many of the nurses I meet. So intuitively I thought.. I'd llike nursing. There are some aspects of it I don't mind but for the most part (at least my own limited experience) I find it not very engaging intellectually and brutally hard, long hours on your feet, and not at all supportive of the health of the nurses themselves. First do no harm? - doesn't seem to apply to nurses, does it.. I find it incomprehensible that the medical profession thinks it is possible to work 12 hours/ day caring for others with no personal health consequence. Okay, lol...this IS why I hate nursing. Soul sucking and health consequences...but I still like other nurses. Not all of em of course- I have met some catty types but those exist everywhere.