I am in a big mess.

  1. So I was really excited to get a job in the ED as a GN, but unfortunatly I failed my boards the first time (after 265 Q's)...... no problem, I was able to work as a Nurse Extern. That's when it got bad, and then I failed for the second time(115 Q's).... time for the tech position. Well this was tricky, there were no tech positions avaiable, so after 3 months of orientation, I was terminated. Not only did I fail twice, but I lost my job that I was so greatful to have. After this I went out and took Kaplan to help me prepare better for the test (which I thought I was ready for the first two times), but I am still to scared to take the test again, and then look for a job. I really loved the ED, but I don't know if there is any hope for me getting another postion in emergency. I feel as though I got a lot of experience in the ED for the 3 Months, but should I put it on my resume...? I am planning on looking for a job AFTER I pass, but I am very nervous that future employers will look down on 3 tries for NCLEX. (Next try is at the end of the month) Any ideas or thoughts on my messy situation, feeling down.
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  3. by   Adria
    I think that you should not worry so much about employers looking down or discriminating against you because you did not pass the first two times. Study hard and don't let yourself be discouraged. If they mention/question your first two attempts then you can talk about how determined you were to take it again and succeed. Your persistance and hard work will pay off and you need to keep believing in yourself. Good luck and keep working hard towards your goal!
  4. by   stressgal
    Yes, you should put the ED job on your resume. To omit it would be dishonest and could prevent you from getting another position. When a background check is done it will show up and look as if you are trying to hide something. Better to be upfront and honest from the beginning. Quite possibly it was too much to attempt to work and study for boards. It clearly didn't work well for you, and that's ok. Focus on passing the dreaded NCLEX, taking Kaplan was a step in the right direction. Once you pass, put all that energy into finding a position. You can do it!!!! Good luck!
  5. by   JentheRN05
    I think putting it down on a resume really depends on if you were still on probation when they fired you. If you were then I believe you do not have to put it on a resume.
    As far as getting a job after failing nclex 2 times, well - they don't need to know how many times you took it as long as you get the title behind your name.
    I would suggest contacting suzanne1 here on the boards. She's a moderator, and apparently her guidance has been very successful for MANY other nursing students. So give her a holler.
    You can do this, you passed nursing school so if you can do that you can pass a test.
    good luck
  6. by   EricJRN

    I wouldn't get ahead of yourself. One thing that gets NCLEX candidates into trouble is having so many distractions near/after graduation. I'd focus on coming up with a strategy for passing the NCLEX first, then begin working on the resume after you take it.

    Suzanne4 is the moderator that JentheRN05 is referring to. If you look at the NCLEX Discussion Forum, she has a sticky at the top of that forum with information on getting started with her plan.
  7. by   BSNtobe2009
    If she was terminated during the probation period, I wouldn't put that job down at all...that's what a probation period is for.

    If she was terminated due to something she did on the job, I would feel differently, but it was because she failed the boards twice. She will risk not even getting her resume looked at, or too many questions that may be difficult to answer if as a new grad she was only at her first job 3 months...that sends up a red flag to a recruiter.

    Unless you are prepared to explain on your resume that they felt they had no choice to terminate you because you failed the boards twice (and I'm wondering if Nurse recruiters can even get this information or if it's confidential), I would omit it.

    However, I fully agree that you should wait until you pass the boards before searching for another job.
  8. by   RNKay31
    Do what is best for you, keep the faith and you will make it someday, all the best to you
  9. by   halty
    Hello jojo, I can understand your situation but don't let your spirit go down. Believe in God. He has some plans for everyone .
  10. by   georgy
    keep it cool ...boss..!!