How to study for the N-Clex?

  1. I am using the Saunders Q&A book and Cd along with a Kaplan course and you think that this is enough to pass the test? Or do I need to be digging in my Med-Surg textbooks to study as well?
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I am only studying Saunders. It was helpful for the HESI. I am also taking HURST only because my employer is footing the bill AND paying me to be there..can't beat that lol

    I would only refer to your textbook if you are consistently getting a certain topic wrong and you don't really understand the rationale.
  4. by   PACU queen
    I say do the kaplan course online...100 percent guarenteed...from someone who has taken the test several times ..this is what did it for me, finally!! It is expensive but if you really use it it will be worth it!! I promise!! I even had a question on the test that was an exact question on the test!
  5. by   gradRN2007
    kaplan and i did feuer cd review, same as going to the lectures but much less money and what a great review...specially since i finished in oct, grad in dec and took exam in march!! passed with 75