how long did it take to schedule???

  1. I will be graduating Jan 31 from my LPN program ( )and was wondering how long it took most people to get scheduled for their NCLEX? Once I have my transcript and send it to the BON, I'm told they usually send approval within a week and then you can contact NCLEX. From what I read in the NCLEX booklet Pearson is supposed to schedule you within 30 days. How long did you have to wait????
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  3. by   mom2michael
    I graduated Dec. 15th, recieved my ATT on Dec. 21st and the 1st avail. appt. was right after Christmas.

    The thing with Pearson CHECK and CHECK and CHECK their website if you can. If you are flexible there is a chance you can test MUCH sooner than you think as well as closer to home. Several classmates and people I work with are testing out of state because they didn't think to check the website again after they initially set their test date. People change their minds often and many times test dates pop open quickly (and they are filled quickly as well) so check often if testing soon is important to you.

    A girl I work with was able to test the same day she called to schedule because they had a spot open....she wanted it over with, with less stress and the worry factor so she just drove straight to the test site, took the min. questions and passed.